boogietown usa

11/11 i ate steak today + sweet potato hummus 12/22 i am working very hard to un-round my shoulders. it is a noble effort, and a great thing to fixate on with excess energy. rewiring my body is going to be so rad. (also i'm glad i logged 11/11. i totally forgot i had eaten steak and sweet potato hummus. but it was really good. and my first time buying meat in maybe 2 years.) 1/11 there is some divinity clearly with the days that i've gone on fish and logged. now that i am aware of a pattern i wonder what will happen. today is an interesting day, regardless. things are more tough and less tough. and i've realized that two spoonfuls of cocoa powder is probably too much, but it allows for refills.

most recently identified plants

  • eastern redbud (native to north america)
  • bearded beggarticks (native to north america)
  • beauty bush (native to china)
  • false shamrock (native to south america)
  • painted nettle (native to se asia)