'`°*•☆ '96 / utc+2/utc+3 jul 30: still dragged around by the everyday! jan 4: tweaked some lists in here... -- '23 / '22 -- dec 27: sometimes nice to tap thru random profiles on here nov 16: started a neocities site yesterday oct 30: re mar 29: i got to hang out w the person a lil more earlier this month n gave tbem a couple lil paper cranes finally too !! they tucked em into the lil pocket at the end of their current sketchbook hehe aug 2: dragged round by the everyday jun 25: beloved jun 20: fuck it we ball may 12: currently feeling warm at the present and the future. i looked at a friendlike person from a discord server's insta livestream for a while, they were walkin around, it was quite nice (i also went on a walk earlier today, even tho it was windy. but it was fun ngl. i found a random lost small bouncy ball, and a random lost small pack of chips. and during the walk i listened to... oli xl, really. lends well to walks, and/or maybe it's my spicy brain settings and their pull towards such routine stabilities) apr 1: https://olixl.bandcamp.com/track/cartoon-smile ~ has my whole heart right now mar 29: hah i just discovered the person that i and the friend i was with at the event changed instags with (+ brief bonding over me n the person both hella vibing with oli xl lol) knows of gossips cafe too (has it listed under fav sites on his site), the world is slightly small; sadly it didnt come to mind for me to give the person a paper crane too 😭 -- had a gr8 timeeeee, currently back in the everyday churn and silly music listening habits continuing paper cranes as a way to make lil human connections more tangible for the mind mar 14: maybe hopefully in a couple weeks ill finally get to go briefly abroad for a music event and itll hopefully be a vibe!!! made a lil paper crane gift for one of the artists already, a slightly elaborate one, its got headgear (as per the cover art of their latest single). the others will prolly get less elaborate cranegifts its just that My Brain Brr at that particular one hehe feb 23: currently half to 3am, listening thru a mix (2nd in an instalment of like 3 (well, or more if i look into the others by the artist aahahaha) but ill have to leave the rest for later fr) -- '22 / '21 -- mar 12 : hello i have a lil garden too now https://guest.garden/pirl -- '21 / '20 -- dec 18: https://riquiqui.arca1000000.com riquiqui by arca but endless! dec 11: 'a website as an altar' hmm (https://www.are.na/ian-mcdonald/an-idea-for-a-website)

i exist

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  • feb 12 ('20): seal cam! https://youtu.be/3A1Wi3sOy7g
  • feb 16: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1i0Z73mhwLyG9R8RKvLFm6NUSsdZeL8LVcOh3I0arWjA this essay (via http://celiahollander.com)
  • sep 5: https://www.raptitude.com/2017/06/want-more-time-get-rid-of-the-easiest-way-to-spend-it/ using socmedia like websites or w/e