<center><h3>'`°*•☆</h3></center> trying my best 23 / she / utc+3 aug 15: 3pm still in bed. might screw around and visit the local library over a long long while --- 2pm and ive successfully slept a tad. i really need to finish the phonetics corpus jobthing so i could eventually ask for a new one and do that more quickly haha --- 3am, i try to fall asleep, and my mind ends up brewing craft ideas instead. (gotta ask abt those absolutely slapping diy splitcolor пир shirts that moa <a href="https://www.instagram.com/p/B9CM4uinAAB">posted about on ig</a> some time ago...) (also ngl that post might b the hottest pic of moa ever lmaoo , what with that... posing with sewing machine) aug 14: or sometimes not in b/w too. need to wrap up my uniserver page bc ill be quietly kicked out soon due to end-date passing (cant do at-my-own-rec academic leave upon extended studytime, and im too tired to seek for med cert for health-reasons academic leave). and then i'll have to deal with / defend my thesis as an extern instead. im not much hyped for doing it, rather seek some ways to get money. --- phone is in b/w mode. whenever i next get on my laptop ill have that in b/w mode too. trying to avoid further overwhelm... aug 13: ugh i'll need to mess around if i want to drag the godawful thesis to the end line aug 10: changed the bedsheets finally [-snip-] etc & i think i like being this red colour more than the lime-adjacent green i was p much since the beginning. sweet --- [-snip-] aug 9: 234 total emails rn it seems aug 8: found myself overwhelmed internet-use-wise, again (mainly my eyes taking a hit, but my mind too ... and posture). current ideal would be to just float on fish and gossips and tumblr i suppose. [-snip-] [-snip-] slightly more than a year ago i last saw a rus-based good friend of mine irl, in tartu. we havent talked much these days [-snip-] but that's alright. we r hoping to meet again in future &lt;3 aug 2: time remains slippery like a fish july 30: bought the flight simulator app [-snip-], first "flight" was rix (riga) to tll (tallinn), spent the slightly over half an hour crocheting the grannystripe scarf a bit --- yesterday i checked out a couple of lil open-air eventthings. at one of them's crochet corner i finally started to make my 2nd granny stripe scarf july 28: sustaining some sort of longer-term mild overwhelm july 23: turned on maximal battery saving option on phone bc it restricts the amount of apps available and it is nice and i might need a little break. july 19: pink moment of golden hour soft july 7: [-snip-] june 23: [-snip-] june 21: 2am blessed sleep june 3: warm distance june 2: made my first home-assembled wrap may 23: some things feel like a dream nov 30 '19, part of a shy fragmented irl conversation f: 'do you have dreams?' i (approx): 'i dont know.... havent thought about it' f: 'i dont have dreams, i have plans' may 12: 214 emails in total now. --- there are currently a total of 249 emails on my protonmail, mar 31 (2020): moa to me re a postponed event: "We will обязательно встретимся!" ('definitely meet') &lt;3


  • https://moapillar.bandcamp.com/track/not-even-last-nights-storm-could-wake-me
  • https://katydid1305.bandcamp.com/album/i-am-so-happy-that-we-were-in-the-same-place-at-the-same-time
  • https://santebela.bandcamp.com/track/sv-gravity-0


  • feb 20: seeing stars in the sky always makes me happy
  • feb 26: it's really snowy outside suddenly. Really Snowy. will see how long it lasts. -> mar 2: and the snow melts
  • apr 1: sky view: tufts of cloud near horizon; long chunk of cloud a bit above; a bit of clearer sky with fewer larger tufts of cloud; grayer cloudstuff
  • apr 2: sky's been funky today. clouds are nice
  • apr 4: almost 2am, i observe the fairylights at someones window in adjacent building, as they change colour
  • may 17: in my unidwelling. at my roommate's desk (at the bedroom window) while she is at home. 2 linden trees visible from here, they're growing leaves

i exist

  • https://sneakypancake.tumblr.com
  • https://last.fm/user/sneakypancake
  • https://bandcamp.com/sneekiblin
  • https://kodu.ut.ee/~jahisoo/ my uni-server homepage. quite simple for now ! and possibly temporary


  • • feb 12: seal cam! https://youtu.be/3A1Wi3sOy7g
  • • feb 16: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1i0Z73mhwLyG9R8RKvLFm6NUSsdZeL8LVcOh3I0arWjA this essay (via http://celiahollander.com)
  • • mar 24: https://madronalabs.com/products/aalto screwed around with the demo
  • • apr 9: https://ischialisteningtocsh.glitch.me/ omg this link by @chia (june 3: did my version https://ispirllisteningtomp.glitch.me/)
  • • apr 29: http://theradio.tk some sort of radioesque thing, or 'multiverse project' as an ig mutual of mine (DARK selection is his) referred to it
  • • may 29: https://emptyday.today/readings/how-to-live/ yeah
  • • ..

thesis process

  • eventually


  • https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/363940459439063040/591657897109225481/20190620_020819.jpg