June 25th, 2020: today i tried to write a song a sad song short and simple i couldnt find the right words they fell out of my mouth before i could catch them. June 24th, 2020: i feel as if i could navigate the entire world like this just like this staring at the sun. ~~~ "i dont care if we dont know eachother, email me, lets be friends" a simple thought pure and sweet lead only to dead ends. June 23rd, 2020: every day more and more i find myself romanticizing this feeling. the feeling that you know someone yet you dont know them at all. ~~~ today i picked blackberries off of the bush for ages they hadnt been there i wonder who planted them the second time. June 22nd, 2020: today i feel green yet the color shown stays purple purple isn't that bad. ~~~ i have a feeling we all know why we are here. we all long for that touch the human connection love.

m u s i c

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