roadtrip resume inspired by @eyedrops instagram story the good -have been driving since I was 15 -have many podcast recommendations -don’t hog the aux but is comfortable on aux duty -like hearing music i don't know -can be silent for a very long time -can scream-sing over the sound system for a long time -open to social and conversational experiments -pack light -don’t move in my sleep -only snore when I’m sick -can listen to someone else talk for a long time -ask good questions -in touch w my emotional needs -good harmonizer -like to hike and run and climb -comfortable being decisive the ugly -small bladder -have consumed a lot of true crime content so can be skiddish -last camped in middle school w my Girl Scout troop -sometimes need to put headphones in and not engage -very fast eater of snacks noteworthy experience -driving to Asheville from CT w my friend immediately after she broke up with her gf of 2 years and she cried most of the time -going on a 5 day/5-city tour with a rowdy punk band in a small car

what does your handwriting look like?

  • https://www.are.na/shea-fitzpatrick/i-miss-knowing-what-everyone-s-handwriting-looks-like

about me

  • libra sun, aquarius moon, capricorn rising
  • offers and recognizes love through words of affirmation
  • single
  • queer + nonbinary
  • coffee order: espresso over ice no milk
  • drink order: gin and soda, a citrusy IPA, something with mezcal
  • anxious cook
  • audio learner
  • plays the drums (reasonably well), flute (reasonably well), ukulele (poorly)
  • okay singer, very good harmonizer

rough ranking of survivor seasons that i've seen

  • micronesia
  • heroes vs. villians
  • millenials vs gen X
  • borneo
  • cook islands
  • cambodia
  • cagayan
  • blood vs. water
  • palau
  • amazon
  • china