https://www.wrong.design, 4% of a tea shop

indie hacker s0rta faker 20 | they/them | utc-6 (@pirl killing the meta) <hr> 50 | never thought i'd make it to 50, the limit has to be around here somewhere... 49 | up late, working on LGSTS, nice spending late hours on personal elements as opposed to those I am paid to do. made sandwiches with friends tonight, baked tofu, used too much flower, not a fan of wasting/ 48 | taking another logic course, always welcome, glad to have de morgan back in my life, its puzzles all the way down. The theory is half the fun honestly, it isn't all career development 47 | feeling weird about things, i am not on the team to build the things I want to build, will i ever be? I really hope so, but it is so easy to think otherwise, way too easy. 46 | reading sandburg, inspired to put words on phone, writing has never been my speed but here we are for the 46th, I can't imagine being this old, but it will happen unless I stop for one reason or another. 45 | on the up, gave myself athsma by being stupid, glad it's not covid honestly, its the little things. JRE went wrong episode 1 it seems, wondered how far back i'd have to go to find it, dangerous stuff for sure. 44 | one more go round, couple days late, dark chocolate caulking my woes, took me way to long to find that word 43 | hoping justus is okay, thinking about seasons, confused about popularity and the past. We just wanna have fun, is that true? there is so much more than fun but maybe those elements are fun its all framing 42 | reading, being with folks, roads you haven't seen in years and past bubbles, wishing they were more often seen, but that's not for you, boy, not for you but someone else, and that's okay, you have these other roads. 41 | my girlfriends best friend got pregnant, I can't even take care of myself. carl Sandburg for Christmas and others, funny how cycles work. the loop iterates once more, unknowing of the next circuit. 40 | missing myself, missing my folks, missing folks who were my folks, sucking on this candy cane confuses me. 40, woah, never thought i'd reach 40. 39 | trying to keep busy, have 2 jobs lined up and classes are really going. can't believe after a year of quarantine we still really don't have a plan out. hopefully these vaccine trials are what they say they are. godspeed all 38 | @ttto I have really enjoyed your character creator, I love the expression and capability and have made all my pals little pictures now. I wonder what a game would look like with experimental character creation, heavy expression but little direct input. Or a social service, no pictures, only drawings done through this filter. Thinking about that a lot recently, the separation of a real life and those digital, a who i want to be vs the one I am through my lens, and my friends through my lens. and who my friends want me to be through their lenses. 37 | @eyedrops i feel the meeting thing, spent today bickering about company direction, and roles, i understand hierarchy is scary and bad at times, but not having someone to have the final say is so frustrating in cyclical meetings. hope your day is going well, and your budget is working out. I need a roommate too, but in Denver, or the surrounding area, well, when i move out, covid means living at home is a no brainer. 36 | lets just get, breakfast, i'll pack you a bowl 35 | empty day broke me, freaked out, almost dropped out, getting back on track, procured 4 lemon tree cuttings, writing assembly, the blue church will reign 34 | Gonna do empty day tomorrow but hope everyone had a good one! Need a reset. Everything is changing but the same, I need to change but stay the same. I need to change but stay the same. I need to change but stay the same. 33 | Realized I had a fundamental misunderstanding of ph based on thinking limes are acidic so all things with the word lime in the name would make things acidic. Jeez i was wrong. 32 | calculus and assembly feel like arcane knowledge i'd learn at some wizard school pretty stoked us non-magical folks get to learn this stuff 31 | Woke up too late, trying to not be hard on myself. @justus.ws its growing tea in Colorado, an uphill challenge. Someone once told be it would be but I am still trying. have to bring them in soon, its getting cold here. @eel i'd love to learn more about films you like 30 | I know that you don't care a lot. But i think these are still worth writing. Some semblance of notes on myself to see general trends in the future. I should take more pictures and audio clips and video and all that. I've probably lost a couple years here and there. 29 | slowly escaping, 4 steps at a time. wishing I was better with plants. I thought I was but I really wasn't. New glasses, the prescription is right but they seem to have a weird effect to them. Maybe it's just super powers. Who can say? An eye doctor probably. 28 | this hole is deep 27 | Why is HP running some Star ship troopers level eugenics fash satire to sell prebuilt gaming PCs? 26 | Have to read for OOP and Comp today. Process Blue. Impossible colors. Gossips Tea &c. still 3% of the way there. I want to make a video game, fulfill little me's dream and all. Make it fun. 25 | trying to be happy, it was a 3 day today. relationships? I don't know. Waco is a tough show to watch with others. The anti-fun police have a rough history but people choose not to see it. I want to hold a barbeque for the social workers. 24 | negative weekend, feeling floaty in a way that I cannot describe or enjoy. Wishing for ocean waves and a lump in my throat and getting into the street. cutting off my right hand and meeting people will make the floating go away, but I am not strong enough. 23 | @eriq made my day knowing someone actually read that, glad you found the book, really changed the way I think about the code I write. I read it on the web using a blue light filter, I totally understand where you're coming from through, took me ages to read it. There is a pdf you could load to an e reader! I think you would get the same stuff out of it, guess the biggest difference would be a lack of color in the diagrams. I think you'd want to read it next to a computer though, the examples littered through the book are so integral in rooting the concepts. I really hope you like it! And reach out to the author! That and the exercises made that book. 22 | lots to do today, but not overwhelming, pieces are coming together for sure 21 | pinging the universe, gossips makes my day 20 | ozzy is a good dog needing to throw more time at work for the time being my head is muggy and I wish it wasn't caffeine is a necessity when your list is 1281 items or so long wish me luck 19 | going through the toil of setting up react native for the second time this year, love a good linux reinstall, but you forget about all those little changes you have to make down the line :( 18 | new tea plant came in thanks @raph for the name! Eleanor, welcome to the family 17 | putting effort forward to get my sleep schedule locked down, wish me luck, enjoying some solid ligatures tonight 16 | soft day, but played games with friends and made dinner so maybe soft is good 15 | We are just guessing if whales can be lonely. 14 | solid day, happy with the goals ive set, the cars on fire and there's no driver at the wheel, but you know, the blues can play on a good day, theres work for all the little boys getting married bought a candle from @matt 13 | the interest is up, the stock market is down 12 | charm Tea? that might work, i like that Slouch Tea might be good too 11 | Self quarantine fr two weeks because I'm a dumbass join us on freenode, channel ##gossips-cafe 10 | tokomice and realistic bee stickers 9 | i can't tell if avery would like this place, or if I would just want her to. had some really off days these last few 8 | we all must have songs that make us cry, right? 7 | went to a protest that felt flat two nights ago, a great learning experience, but still disheartening, you know? no peace 6 | Seeing a suburbs relationship to the protests is interesting and often depressing, I have a hard time thinking with people who prioritize property damage over their fellow humans. 5 | future site of slouch tea & used books 4 | In a psych lecture, summer courses keeping me busy mom is off to Tennessee cause my sister just went into labor so I'm taking care of my siblings here my dog doesnt know whats going on wish me luck 3 | fighting the police is something that I think is very important and I hope to be an active part in that process, aurora colorado has been negatively impacted by police brutality and working against that is of utmost priority godspeed you police dissenter @ottergauze are there any privacy centric foss projects looking for new helpers? 2 | carleton college only accepts fall entries so that rabbit hole has been filled with sand and peat moss last full day in a motel excited to return hoping i learned something @galax your font is really cool i need to learn how to make those 1 | still in a motel but less stuck last night was taco bell because of a lack of thought on my part applied to carleton college because studying computer science art and agriculture seems like that school has it under control @xoxosoph your school looks really cool is that true? 0 | stuck in a motel with @tamping last night was full of not heating up fried rice, Maine for the first time after a pilgrimage to a closed record store (Nashville is next but probably next year).

recent completed things

  • finished how to design programs (essay up on personal site)

jacob trafton operating system main stack

  • Create bump (democratic algo playlist gen)
  • Go volunteer at a farm
  • Make an artist a portfolio
  • go the the recurse center https://www.recurse.com
  • learn to speedrun a game
  • beat game on the genisis
  • use https://www.lunchmoney.cc
  • https://www.reddit.com/r/unixporn computer
  • make app that lets you hide prose and poems at geocoords in ar
  • social media where you can only visit your neighbors...

things special fish feel like

  • animal crossing the website
  • that warm feeling from shitty motel coffee
  • don hertzfeldt
  • the first orange tree planted in my room


  • https://www.nonewjails.nyc/background
  • https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rnaSvs_WMYmlymEBa2R8fFxBu4apEjH4uX9lRcib1ZM/
  • https://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/true-story-kudzu-vine-ate-south-180956325/
  • https://onestrawrevolution.net/
  • https://yurichev.org/1564f46f1c207b2dbc84a2bd4a41ed4c/RE4B-EN.pdf
  • https://twitter.com/jessicamckellar/status/1311349439479463937


  • https://blastingcompany.bandcamp.com/track/candy
  • https://theyellnats.bandcamp.com/album/social-distancing-a-compilation
  • https://mypetflamingo.bandcamp.com/album/miami-virtual
  • https://www.lowergrandradio.com/
  • https://tamping.bandcamp.com/album/let-the-toddlers-play-with-hammers

watch(ing/ed) list

  • big mouth (eh)
  • penny dreadful (eh)
  • close encounters of the 5th kind (kinda boring)
  • homecoming (eh)
  • breaking bad
  • waco
  • the godfather pt 2 (close but 2nd to the first)
  • starship troopers (great satire)
  • im thinking of ending things (film of the year)
  • 12 Angry Men
  • Brave new world (the show not the book, eh)


  • go 'rages!!! | https://www.blaseball.com/
  • genshin impact

anything goes anything! (me & my folks)

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  • JRE (episodes 1-3) (don't really know why i'm doing this to myself)

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