https://www.wrong.design, 3% of a tea shop

11 | Self quarantine fr two weeks because I'm a dumbass join us on freenode, channel ##gossips-cafe 10 | tokomice and realistic bee stickers 9 | i can't tell if avery would like this place, or if I would just want her to. had some really off days these last few 8 | we all must have songs that make us cry, right? 7 | went to a protest that felt flat two nights ago, a great learning experience, but still disheartening, you know? no peace 6 | Seeing a suburbs relationship to the protests is interesting and often depressing, I have a hard time thinking with people who prioritize property damage over their fellow humans. 5 | future site of slouch tea & used books 4 | In a psych lecture, summer courses keeping me busy mom is off to Tennessee cause my sister just went into labor so I'm taking care of my siblings here my dog doesnt know whats going on wish me luck 3 | fighting the police is something that I think is very important and I hope to be an active part in that process, aurora colorado has been negatively impacted by police brutality and working against that is of utmost priority godspeed you police dissenter @ottergauze are there any privacy centric foss projects looking for new helpers? 2 | carleton college only accepts fall entries so that rabbit hole has been filled with sand and peat moss last full day in a motel excited to return hoping i learned something @galax your font is really cool i need to learn how to make those 1 | still in a motel but less stuck last night was taco bell because of a lack of thought on my part applied to carleton college because studying computer science art and agriculture seems like that school has it under control @xoxosoph your school looks really cool is that true? 0 | stuck in a motel with @tamping last night was full of not heating up fried rice, Maine for the first time after a pilgrimage to a closed record store (Nashville is next but probably next year).

recent completed things

  • finished how to design programs (essay up on personal site)

jacob trafton operating system main stack

  • theblue.CHURCH (indie fashion for the soul)
  • Create bump (democratic algo playlist gen)
  • Go volunteer at a farm
  • Make an artist a portfolio
  • go the the recurse center https://www.recurse.com
  • learn to speedrun a game
  • beat game on the genisis
  • use https://www.lunchmoney.cc
  • https://www.reddit.com/r/unixporn computer
  • make app that lets you hide prose and poems at geocoords in ar

things special fish feel like

  • animal crossing the website
  • that warm feeling from shitty motel coffee
  • don hertzfeldt
  • the first orange tree planted in my room


  • https://www.nonewjails.nyc/background
  • https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rnaSvs_WMYmlymEBa2R8fFxBu4apEjH4uX9lRcib1ZM/
  • https://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/true-story-kudzu-vine-ate-south-180956325/


  • https://blastingcompany.bandcamp.com/track/candy

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