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Please, call me Samuel. I am a graphic designer but trying to learn more about web development. Gonna blog here about self-studying and self-assigned projects! If it seems like I am doing something incorrectly or u have advice, pls lmk: --Mar 4-- Been busy working at the studio, so not as much time for web work. Super tuesday was a roller coaster. Loved the first episode of the HTML energy podcast!! Realizing is nearly an index of personal websites. A kind of platform/stack for personal websites. Which, I love, to be clear. --Mar 1-- Encountering an issue where an AJAX post request causes ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED from the server. My GET request is working fine, so I'm having trouble identifying what the problem is. Maybe i should just jump to using express which simplifies some of this stuff? But i am also eager to know how it works before beginning a framework. feeling overwhelmed. wow finally got it working. turns out I was doing several things wrong, including not passing any data to the fs.writeFile method that the server was calling upon receiving a POST request. anyways, feeling good. nothing quite like that moment when it starts working after trying to figure it out for a few hours. Need to find better ways of debugging tho. --Feb 29-- Happy leap day, had a nice day out, went to brunch, played scrabble, etc. now i'm back home, watching an AJAX vid and waiting for a small edible to kick in (in other words, living the life). A long time ago i've used AJAX before, in an attempt to make my wordpress portfolio load images only when they were requested, but I'm definitely going to need review. at the time i remember not really knowing what i was doing and trying A LOT of copy paste to get it to work. I'm really liking following along with these Traversy Media vids on youtube. They are good intros and he is direct and does a helpful amount of code commenting while he writes. --Feb 28-- Hello all, I have a q that maybe the special fish community can help with. I am trying to make a website that catalogs my reading habits, essentially like the one I made in HTML energy's freewrite a month or two ago ( I would like the books to be stored in a YAML file (or maybe JSON?) and I would like it to be editable *in browser* (ie. click an add button, form requests title and author, this is added to the yaml file). What is the simplest way of going about doing this? I've never tried to write any data to a file over the web like this before. is this close to getting me there?: Is this idea even doable? Would I be able to, say, click on an already constructed book and edit the name? or is there not a way of mapping the dom elements to the yaml book? I like yaml because it is so human readable, maybe this doesn't matter tho, idk. I'm also trying to learn gatsby.js, but would people recommend jekyll instead? I want to develop my javascript skills instead of starting over with ruby. //update: I watched this video: and I think I am closer to understanding this, lol. I guess I wasn't understanding exactly what node.js was, or that I'd need to be doing server-side scripting for this. I'm finding this to be the case often, IE. that I've heard of some kind of framework or language or whatever, and I'm not even understanding what it's purpose is. like gulp or vue or react or whatever, how these things fit into larger ideas. Feb 26— Ragging a 250 page book at work...kind of zen'd out. zoned out. zoned in? excited to go home tonight and continue learning the command line basics. :) Been thinking a lot about les amants du pont-neuf, which I watched on Monday. —ADVERTISING BELOW— (wonder if there is a way I could get ad blockers to make this disappear, don't really know how that works)


  • Scenes of Bohemian Life, Henri Murger
  • Spook Country, Gibson

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  • Capital City, Samuel Stein
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  • rewatching veep
  • OKJA (good!) Snowpiercer (bad :( )
  • Les Amants du Pont Nouf (Great!) Mauvais Sang (Great!)