09/07/24 a new vote i feel that the way democracy works and the way voting in constituencies work seems unsatisfying. a landslide win for the reds and yet a frighteningly large swell for ultra right wingers as the blues get their worse results ever. a major cause for celebration tinged with a future fear of isolationist, nationalists, racists pig heads knocking at futures door. the french managed to act and vote smart in a rare moment of brilliant unity against the tyranny of the extreme right wing. a right stitch up. trump is being left to rise again with a frail tottering leader clinging to power when he is clearly unfit to fight. with no guarantee he will survive a new term let alone be alive and kicking in 6 months time. frightening. power is a dangerous thing. and that’s what democracy gives you. power struggles, infighting and posturing. the alternatives are tyrannical mayhem unchecked and unseen. unbridled repression and blanket control. there has to be a new way. a new direction. a new system. a new way of leading and leadership that really does serve all and not the few. 03/07/24 international love i love the irish. for their sociability. their lyricism, charm and wit. for the love of the craic. i love the italians. for their melodies. their slow food. their appreciation of family. for being simpatico. i like the french for their arrogant charm. their je ne sais pas. i love the japaneses for their uniqueness. their value of craft and provenance. their mix of futurism and heritage. their attention to detail. their wabi sabi. i love the chinese for their stories. their inventions. their staying power. their long term vision. i love the scots for their pride. their robustness. i love the english for their accents. i love the germans for their value of process. of not cutting corners. i love the american for their scale and ambition. their confidence. their progress. for starting things. i love the canadians for their humbleness. their friendliness. 02/07/24 no.1 they have super powers. they wear special gloves. they have their own area. they get to look different. and they are the first on the team sheet. they have penalties against them. they like saving. 26/06/24 work work work when it’s sunny and you have to work. when your working out but want to go out out. when you are working hard to get trim but crave a treat. cakes. sweets. ice cream. treats. when you question what’s working. what you working for? 18/06/24 marriage advice 17 years and a spa afternoon. sometimes marriage can be hot and sweaty. even after 24 years together. the best japanese next. keeping it raw, stylish and tasty. good advice. 20/05/24 bright red there’s something so wrong it’s right about drinking red wine in the sunshine. the hotter the better. even better around or with lunch. on a monday. legs and belly out alone and sweaty. 19/05/24. global warming i’m laying in the garden long after the sun has gone. the boys have gone to local friends. i like that. wamring friendships. the dog is on my lap. warming my legs. my glass has honey rum from the canaries. warming my mouth. reading random but inspiring clippets. (is that a word? it should be). warming my brain.