I worked the field until the snails woke up. I’m used to seeing their shells like the pattern of a tile floor but when I am confronted with the reality of their sentience I am taken aback. I have to remind myself that insects and mammals share the animal kingdom. What elements of cognition do we share? Verticality has great primacy in the human brain, but the snail has a greatly horizontal existence*. Does a snail fear heights? Surely a snail’s first painful encounter with heights would likely be its last. What does a snail look like hatching from its egg. * - i thought about this and i'm wrong



places to go post-quarantine

  • across the williamsburg bridge
  • the conservatory gardens
  • my mom's house
  • forest park
  • the roosevelt island lighthouse

pseudointellectual mock latin words (a meme from the 1830s)

  • discombobricate (to embarrass someone by confounding them)
  • scrumptilate (to eat)
  • confusticate (to confuse)
  • absquatulate (to run away, a mock negation of "to squat")
  • obflisticate (to obliterate)
  • bodacious (a fanciful extension of the word "body")

words all stemming from the same ancient root

  • gloss
  • yellow
  • Chloe
  • glow
  • green
  • glass