smile, new new york

Its hot out here and the 2020s are about communication and growth. this is about what im doing for health, im also a big contriubtor of online CO-OP gaming, watching and reading together, I am using this page as an invite to any of these CO-OP projects. A book idea. *Chapters to my first book, "Substitute Teacher" ~Montessori( Mom im sorry) ~Pain wave and the cynical clown posse ~Shame King (or Queen depending how you know me) ~5d Love Network ~Our Own Personal President ~Turn a Chord into a lifestyle ~80/20 & Accidental* Wizard Training ~30 years to hear mom cry hello, im smile. Im big into World Building, stories and creating personalities/ characters, . New Projects///Thots/// 5d love network 2021 (long term project/ health club/ safe space) ~Weekly Meetings On Clubhouse @7pm Tuesdays (5dLoveNetwork Channel) LINK! ~Daily Meditation @ 8:33am on Insight Timer (join, @smilebigforgod) ~ Digital Clubhouse in production in VR Chat...2022 ~Mind Club 2021 (Stranger Based Book Club ), ===Any Ideas for a book or want to join? !!

Midi Disc Library (2021 Mind Club + Join)

  • Rage, (Bachmann, 1974)
  • The Foundation (Asimov, 1952)
  • No Time to Spare (La Guin, 2009)
  • The Undercommons (Moten, 2008)
  • You are NOT a Gadget (Lanier, 2011)
  • The Cyberia (Lem, 1964)
  • Eden, Its A Wonderful World (Hidekio) Books 1-10
  • Blueprints Visual Scripting for Unreal Engine (, 2015)
  • Undertale (Fox, 2012) Nier Replicant (Taro, 2010) Killer 7 (Suda51) Breath of the Wild (Iwata, 2010) GTFO (co-op) + The Ascent (co-op) Bother Games Playing ONLINE with Puppy
  • Dragon Ball (Toriyama) 154 Episodes , Mob Psycho 100 (Season 1+2)
  • The Art Of Loving (Fromm 64')
  • Becoming Supernatural - Joe Dispenza ((reccomendation from 5d member)

Into the Woods (Trails + Camping)

  • Beachwood Trail, I sat on the side of the river with a book, but only took a nap. I had my canon minidv on me and took some shots. I will add to my travel blog that i need to make.

Health Plan/ 6 month ( any ideas, please email me)

  • + New Language 1 (Spanish) Daily 30 mins Current:149 days consecutive
  • + Daily Meditation (5 mins twice a day)
  • +Ingesting Food For Brain ( Mind Club)
  • +Therapy ( Personal + Family) Tuesdays + Wednesdays
  • +Food And Water And Sleep and Healthy Relationships
  • +Stop. Think.
  • +Online Garden, Honesty Online
  • + Model/ Day (add to online garden blog)