'`°*•☆ pondering on how to peruse this corner... --i guess im quietly swimming most of the time!!! little relic from when i would largely keep a lil (b)log in here: feb 23 '22: currently half to 3am, listening thru a mix (2nd in an instalment of like 3 (well, or more if i look into the others by the artist aahahaha) but ill have to leave the rest for later fr) --- feb 27 '24 addition: this was such a time -- i was on workbreak, was supposed to see drain gang in warsaw that week but they postponed it (and then they postponed it again!) and i got the full kindling of the oli xl special interest instead ...


  • 03/03/24: sunny day, and aurora
  • 04/03: fully noticing its no longer entirely dark when walking home after a full workshift
  • 05/03: small chunk of moss on ground looked slug-shaped on a split second glance
  • 06/03: frozen ground looking sparkly in the sun
  • 07/03: early day off for a long weekend
  • 08/03: i guess the overcast sky is very nice for a change. less stark less overwhelming sensorily
  • 11/03: duck chatter
  • 25/03: other birds' chatter

some list of links

  • https://www.are.na/ian-mcdonald/an-idea-for-a-website
  • https://riquiqui.arca1000000.com ~ riquiquí endless
  • https://guest.garden/pirl ~ since march 12 2021
  • https://olixl.bandcamp.com/track/cartoon-smile ~ has my whole heart on the regular