hello everyone I just finished teaching today, and it felt great. My class had made a bunch of really lovely, moving projects. Even people who had kind of dropped off the radar because of covid showed up and we got to talk... my friend came as a guest critic and it felt like we really got some closure on the semester, which I wasn't expecting. ! what a day !
  • https://www.petshopboys.co.uk/videos/single-bilingual


  • > chop 1/2 a chinese (napa) cabbage into fine strips and fry over a high heat. as it starts to soften, add a dash of light soy, and cover with 3 beaten eggs. fry, flip, serve with kewpie mayo.
  • > take a medium sized fish, and gut/scale. fill belly with sliced ginger. put on a plate in a steamer till cooked. slice spring onion, place on top w/ dash of soy. heat oil in a pan and spoon over.
  • > boil potatoes in a pan till soft. dice 10 cloves garlic finely, mash into the potatoes with olive oil and salt. top with sumac/parsley, serve with warm flatbread.
  • > you should try peeling chickpeas for hummus it's really very worthwhile.

favourite websites, in order

  • http://www.jodi.org/
  • http://wwww.jodi.org/
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