to become a sunbather... (1) find your sunbeam seat. this is a comfortable place in your home where you can sit in a sunbeam. a typical sunbeam seat is a pillow on the floor, but yours could be anything. (2) sunbathe at least 10 minutes a day. they say sunlight is a natural disinfectant (3) communicate to other sunbathers with the sun hand: stretch your hand into the shape of a sun by extending all your fingers / rays outwards. you can communicate to your neighbors this way. there is no need for sunbathers to touch hands. * when it's night, watch the stars. turn into a starwatcher. * when it's cloudy, look for the sun. become a sunfollower. feel free to post your #sunbeamseat to the internet. love you all. may there be warmth and light in your life. ☀

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