into the unknown

life just accumulates and you try again [] [] [] [] 8-14 707am got off trak but im on again listening to seapunk house music aquatic .. thinking about the outfits i wanna wear to impress my crush,.. the music mostly the outfits id wear for the music my life defined by movies and music life imitating art imitating life curating my fashion archive and my playlists it all flows together it just goes city rhythms 2 join the rat race bubbly and starry eyed wearing cute earrings my aura amethyst and yours green likeee the earth softly glowing special .. 8-12 510am 510 eating pita chips n spicy hummus just thought of this and smiled sky and sol sol! // 8-11 changed coasts and its humid out clicking sounds and being drowned i need some water need some cool air need to move need to do do my laundry my taxes my new life working on my home approaching peace on a different tempo clicking, clicking, clicking city techno kiko post reality y2k ,get in the new wave deserting the desert mixxing, suffuusing - - -sky 2000 final fantasy iii //' 8-9 a crawlspace fairytale and a dream in sedona to see the sun waves 333 you're a beautiful girl it's a shame you don't know it always always shame isn't it? holding us in, tying us down kept frozen in a suicide lullaby lying cross the tracks boxed into emptiness, an amnesiac sleeper hold in a despairing despondent dream sweet cruelty and poison dessert perfect home for a sad girl stuck hiding in the middle of forever i wanna crawl into you saw the stars in you felt the warmth in lulls and it soothed my world up and chasing infinity infinity in the wind infinity within me infinity in the wind infinity within me

what i been up to since u left (7/24)

  • vacuuming ants
  • editing pics
  • admiring your attitude
  • your confidence and your steeze
  • words drip with sex
  • acting like king shit you already know
  • i seen your good side already
  • listening to our songs
  • shapeshifting energy
  • fall in love all day long
  • can't get you out of my head
  • so i won't

ideal friendship / what love means to me

  • mutual understanding of the same truths, intuited or spoken
  • communication with plain honesty
  • gentle detachment, gentle compassion
  • careful consideration of the other's position
  • utmost respect for the other's wishes
  • absence of insecurity with each other
  • desire for growth -together and apart, together or apart -always
  • not talking to each other
  • because we require our own space
  • to map our own trajectories and growth
  • appreciation and admiration of each other's beauty, inner/outer
  • appreciate everyone like distant stars


  • he wanna trade coast playlists, now he's got a girl from new york
  • put on the abcs of
  • my destiny, lil baby star in me
  • downtown kids hittin licks, skater boys in the park tryna fuck some white chicks
  • come back to the city and kill shit, make it my bitch
  • give me all your energy so ill give you more, and switch
  • show you what you do to me, shatter you and shatter me
  • tear me to pieces ill be put back together, tenderly
  • take me back to my home, take photos of me in white
  • 2003 cherry blossoms
  • for 2023

7/29 fragments

  • the red heart balloons
  • throwin a middle finger at the flower coffee shop for saying they open when they not
  • texas dvd 2007, tryna see slacker again
  • dragon tattoo on my back, eagle tattoo on his chest
  • obsessed with the afterglow
  • pulling me onto his lap and slow driving downhill.. slow headbanging...
  • put me on sum 80s wave and ill put you on mine
  • dark underground warehouse show
  • call me lazy hiker vibe
  • admiring the summer desert plants
  • switch pants now im wearing all your clothes, feeling v practical
  • spiral tat on my leg, portal on ur wrist, swirl into each other