Jul/29: Research day today -- Paolo Uccello book to scan, paper mache to work with. Very satisfying to squish the paper pulp to get the water out -- particles suspended in water become impressions of my closed fist. Sending something to a friend in Melbourne who is back in lockdown now. Jul/31: Slow-er morning, spending a bit of it in bed. It's a cool and grey day outside. Aug/04: Today in found out that Butter Point is a real place (it's in Antartica)! Aug/23: Sunday-day. Thinking about new projects to get started on, and it feels like i've got lots of ideas but lacking in skill. Though I do start this way fairly often -- coming up with some hare-brained idea that requires me to learn totally new skills. Sometimes I wish I wasn't like that, and worked through certain skills so I got better at them. In some ways I do, but I also take on new things without thinking it through. Recently this has worked for me, but I'm sure this won't always be the case. Sept/16: Been feeling very tired these last few days, missing friends a bit, feelin' blue.

Outfit Log / Monday to Friday / Closed on Weekends

  • Weds: tie-dye long-sleeve t-shirt, pea-green wool sweater, black leather button-up jacket, navy-blue wide legged trousers, black denim margiela tabi boots
  • Thurs: black long-sleeve t-shirt, lilac cashmere sweater, black leather button-up jacket, khaki wide-legged trousers, aqua blue snakeskin zip-up boots.




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