Mar/18/22: Tired and sitting with the cat next to me. This first part of the year has flown it always tends to? Nov/12/21: Almost at day 90 of lockdown - that feels weird. Have gotten used to it more I think, and is easier than last time. Also good that semester is now over, so the pace of the days have changed. I think it has also helped me be in the studio more, especially recently. Trying to get back into running (by actually peeling myself off the couch) after letting it go this winter, never really figured out a way to fit it into my routine with the sun going down so early. Aug/9/21: Interesting to see I was thinking about not going on Twitter anymore back in trying to be on there less. Not sure whether its working. Trying to get started (or keep started) on projects, which feels harder the more I get sucked into work. I really don't want to get into the pattern of leaving 'my' work to the semester breaks, and feeling like it's at the edges, when for me it's at the center. Apr/6/21: Hmm.. going to reverse the order of entries here, feels weird to start in the 'past'. (OK done now!) Easter break has been a needed breather. I'm also trying to not go on Twitter any more? Too much of a time suck - I *think* I'd like to be doing something else with that time.... but what. Haha, maybe I need a hobby. Dec/11/20: My show went well (I think), its nice when something happens how you imagine (installing stuff), but I also wish to have a really long time in a gallery sometime soon, to play around with space, etc. Maybe that never happens, as you get better with planning idk. Nov/19/20: Have been busy with work -- but happy to be finally back on the fish. I have a show soon, so have been working on that too :-) Sept/16/20: Been feeling very tired these last few days, missing friends a bit, feelin' blue. Aug/23/20: Sunday-day. Thinking about new projects to get started on, and it feels like i've got lots of ideas but lacking in skill. Though I do start this way fairly often -- coming up with some hare-brained idea that requires me to learn totally new skills. Sometimes I wish I wasn't like that, and worked through certain skills so I got better at them. In some ways I do, but I also take on new things without thinking it through. Recently this has worked for me, but I'm sure this won't always be the case. Aug/04/20: Today in found out that Butter Point is a real place (it's in Antartica)! Jul/31/20: Slow-er morning, spending a bit of it in bed. It's a cool and grey day outside. Jul/29/20: Research day today -- Paolo Uccello book to scan, paper mache to work with. Very satisfying to squish the paper pulp to get the water out -- particles suspended in water become impressions of my closed fist. Sending something to a friend in Melbourne who is back in lockdown now.

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