https://unimaginable-heights.neocities.org/, rio

my current theme is realising how cringe i am and that there's nothing i can do about it. it's bittersweet.


  • the captain is out to lunch and the sailors have taken over the ship, charles bukowski
  • from betamax to blockbuster: video stores and the invention of movies on video, joshua m. greenberg
  • com armas sonolentas, carola saavedra
  • discourse on the sciences and arts, jean-jacques rousseau


  • toni erdmann
  • synonymes
  • la grande bellezza
  • aquarius
  • my dinner with andre
  • crumb

Main themes

  • magical thinking
  • the interconnectedness (or not) of place, experience and identity
  • nostalgia as fuel for the future
  • to explore a past that never existed
  • weirdness as okay
  • the time and space of creative trips