toby, nyc

(] * * [) ^ me listening to classical music... appreciations recommended! 3/23/2020 it's a rainy day today, which makes it a good day to go to the grocery store. nobody wants to go outside when it's rainy. but it does mean that i won't get to sunbathe, and neither will that special account, sunfollower. instead, i think i'll listen to music while working inside. one thing i'm trying to do today is set up my urbit profile. i'm ~hopful-lodnyx there. if you're also on urbit and can send me a message, please do. i want to make friends there! 3/2/2020 just checking in on this school of fish. really enjoying some of the funny names I see, like "variegated" and "spiraldream" and "logoninternet." i also noticed an account called "sunfollower." It seems to be keeping a sun log... a log of being nourished by the sun. light over distance is so magical. this account reminds of two sun songs I like: - embrace of light, by gossamer it feels like a prayer to the sunrise and - sunrise, by nikolai kapustin it feels like new york city awakening looking forward to more sun journaling from sunfollower!


  • Igor Pogorelich plays Scriabin's Sonata 4
  • Nikolai Kapustin plays Kapustin's Sonata 1
  • Krystian Zimerman plays Ravel's Valses Nobles et Sentimentales



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