In the hills, Japan

;; Osteopathy ;; 2020-06-24 Went to get osteopathy for the first time in my life to treat lower back spinal hernia and related problems. Here's what I learned: There are constant rhythmical movements happening inside the body. Inside the skull there's a butterfly-shaped sphenoid bone 蝶形骨 that opens and closes in sync with the pelvis 骨盤. This makes the fundamental rhythm. The brain is wrapped in a membrane called dura mater 硬膜 which seamlessly transitions to various other types of membranes organs and muscles for the whole body. When one suffers injury in the head the dura hardens and inhibits the movement of the skull. The osteopath said my body makes little to no rhythm because both the sphenoid bone and pelvis movements are blocked due to past injuries. His words makes sense to me. When the top and bottom of the spine is not in sync, it sounds sound that the distortion builds up in the spine. He very gently adjusted those bones. It felt great during treatment and it's having great lasting effect on my mood. Very psychoactive. Membranes are my favorite. Gotta study those. ;; surface ;; 2020-06-07 Surface of planet is 2-sphere. Embedded in 3-space which nobody knows the shape of. 3-ball is a perspective projection of 3-sphere onto 3-space. Every point inside 3-ball is on the surface of 3-sphere. Why assume space when surface suffices? Is gravitational collapse a valid topological deformation when considering time? ;; what's night sky inside of? ;; 2020-06-06 Steel needle cuts through hills sawing together cool night. The needle propels up the curve around hillside. Sudden light the color of cream shines hard on silver steel. Rising moon with bright smoky ring hang low above mountains. The steel slides down hill while singing in visible frequency. The sky rotates the creamy disk away in exchange for light-emitting vertices. 2-sphere has a 3-sky. Does the 3-space have a 4-sky?

Soup pot on low heat

  • Lisp macro
  • Godel's incompleteness theorem
  • topology
  • sphere eversion
  • dimentions as a dimention
  • movement as topological deformation

Things I began for a better life

  • Riding bike with kids on trailer.
  • Eating cannabis raw as suggested by a rasta elder.
  • Falun Gong. Don't be scared. It's pretty awesome.
  • Taking diaries sometimes.
  • Vegetarianism with occasional fish.
  • special fish
  • Organic vegetable gardening with wife.