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We are not hostile to religion, but we are hostile to the errors that lead to it. We are hostile to all forms of fanaticism. We are hostile to all forms of ignorance. We are hostile to all forms of hypocrisy. Even without purpose and meaning in life, you shouldn't bring death to others besides yourself. I'm living in the only ways that are available to me and to expect anything more of someone like me is unreasonable. This one's for the outcasts. The NEETs, the virgins, the late transitioners, the funposters, the porn addicts, the autists, the chickens, the pedophiles, the misogynists, the spammers, the racists, the hapas, the radical feminists, the furries, the hideously ugly, the kawaii, the bereaved, the scat fetishists, the gay men who hate hook ups, the jilted and recently divorced. This is for the homeless, the directionless, the loveless, the jobless. This is for everybody who's ever hated everybody. This is for the people who can't imagine being alive in three years. This is for the folks who always felt alone. This is for those who will leave nothing behind. I'm not here to tell you things will get better. I'm not here to tell you you have potential. I'm here to tell you that you matter. Even though we never met, we all suffered. For many of us life was hell. We cried and we hid it. We were lonely and friendless in a world of lonely, friendless people, and we met nobody. It's fucking sad. I really wish it wasn't like this. I wish people didn't have friends or enemies, and everybody was kind to everybody. I wish I changed and I wish all of you changed. I wish I found another person like myself and made them happy. But I didn't. I won't. I've given up, like many of you have given up. And I'm sorry. I'm sorry because nobody deserves to suffer the way I suffered, and I couldn't save anyone. I barely tried. You don't have to be funny, or intelligent, or kind. Suffering is enough. Everybody suffers so everybody is important. Don't spit on that and don't sneer. This is brotherhood between men and the grace of God. This is the noblest thing in the universe. I accept all of you. I love all of you. Thank you for living. I'm glad you were here with me. You are not lost, you are forging the path, and creating the destination so that others may learn from your journey as you have from theirs. Forget what should be, what is, or what could be. Focus only on what you want to see. Nothing else matters. Struggle. I intend to keep trying nonetheless, even if the whole world is marching with this shit. I have no reason to go along with it, and even if I wanted to, I couldn't. I've literally never met someone who doesn't hate me. But I hate them so it works out mutually exclusively. and if I did what others wanted that'd just mean killing myself and since I won't do that I also have to ignore their other suggestions
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