current bops

  • Road to Nowhere - Talking Heads (
  • 80's - Shoegaze (for some reason not on youtube)
  • Fantasy Island - The Shins (
  • Cut Your Bangs - Radiator Hospital (
  • Cookie Chips - Rejjie Snow, MF DOOM, Cam O'bi (

good things that are good and you should check out

  • (my cursed YouTube playlist; NOT FOR ANNIE AVERT YOUR EYES NOW IF YOU'RE ANNIE)

my very applicable skills that will totally help me get a job in the future

  • lockpicking
  • traumatizing my friends with cursed websites
  • Clustertruck speedrunning (top 5)
  • balisong flipping
  • encyclopedic GeoGuessr knowledge
  • speedwalking
  • radish origami creation


  • “I’m officially a no good dilly dallying time wasting sissy pants hesitator. that's who i am.” - bill wurtz
  • “I am no more than a bubble bath” - my friend autumn
  • "I'm a general participant in disaster" - my friend finn
  • “Not every cloud you see threatens rain” - 11th century proverb, from Egbert of Liège’s The Well-Laden Ship