Mostly a quarantine & DnD journal . . . (4/13)I wish i could post plant pictures on here bc some of my plants have been doing really well. The growing season is starting up and I'm really happy to see how some of them are reacting! I bought a parlor palm a while ago, mostly bc i panicked in the plant store and bought the first thing that the people told me was low-light friendly... but it's putting out a lot of new growth! My pilea peperomioides is putting out babies! I hate summer but my plants sure don't. . . . (4/14) The night of 4/12 I nearly died in a dungeon... we were exploring a crashed craft from the outer realms, which was populated by plant-zombies that were easily dispatched. When we rounded a corner, though we found a pack of four displacer beasts. I ran and ran, but they took two bites, each for 9 points damage... luckily my ward diamond reduced it to 8 points total. I survived those bites by a single point, and was barely healed by a necromancer in time (i play an undead character, a ranger brought back as a ghoul). . Today, i'm looking at my jade plant. I give it almost nothing and is has quadrupled in size since i got it in september. everyone should have one, they even grow in winter! . . . (4/17) YEAH my MUJI PASSPORT NOTEBOOK is lying OPEN on my BED to a PAGE OF POETRY... what about it? . . . (4/20) Night of 4/19 we had a pretty successful night of dungeoning... We were set to help an alien race restore their ship and fly away after crashing on Faerün (earth) with dangerous beastly cargo, but found out that their ship was besieged by a Mind Flayer... with whom we struck a deal, making us allied to Mind Flayers and officially Space Mercenaries. I took a new ranger level and finally got an animal companion (a little late at level 8, but I'm just grateful my undead gal made it that far). Her body is now host to a Violet Fungus creatively named Violette. So cute!!! . I have had a harder time caring for my plants in quarantine, funnily enough. When they grow towards the light or dry out I don't notice because I look at them all day, so they always look the same. Even though I work in restaurants and it isn't very rewarding, I miss getting out of the house and seeing the city and my coworkers.

Some songs

  • Runescape OST "Waterfall"
  • Holly Herndon "Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt"
  • Hatsune Miku "Yuki"
  • OPN "Mutant Standard"

Jobs I've Had, From Favorite to Least Favorite

  • 1. Dishwasher
  • 2. Poet-on-Demand
  • 3. Donut Salesboy
  • 4. Restaurant Host (Chicago)
  • 5. Barista
  • 6. Restaurant Host (NYC)