https://www.instagram.com/yisel_o_rama, new york city

hey i miss u right now, i have moments when I feel like my arms and legs are being moved by forces above. like a puppet, but not in a good way. puppets don’t come to life only at the hands of the puppeteer, tho. they come alive because there is something unique that animates them i animate myself, the universe gives me life, I dream and think and that makes me move my body and make things and love you

morning routine

  • drink water
  • take probiotic pills
  • exercise
  • shower + brush teeth + moisturize
  • get dressed + cute
  • breakfast (usually oatmeal with banana + coffee)

whats in my brain?

  • climate change
  • puppets
  • boys
  • what part of my body do i need to stretch more?
  • im thirsty and hungry
  • hugs

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