i hope you are doing great , love you!

about me

  • i work here: https://instagram.com/designatbarnard
  • i study meditation here: https://instagram.com/threejewelsnyc
  • you can ask me to teach you: how to use a sewing machine, wax carving for jewelry casting, paper marbling, bookbinding, interviewing skills, handbuilding ceramics, how to make strawberry shortcake, how to make a zine
  • i probably want to be your friend

nice words

  • blur the edge of your love a bit more today
  • what if everything was an angel trying to bring u to bliss
  • dont forget the infinite possibility that makes you you, magical, perfect
  • gentle, precise, open
  • you dont have to like everyone but u must love them
  • romance is everywhere

make water-marbled paper with this zine i made! (:

  • https://www.flipsnack.com/bcdesigncenter/paper-marbling-instructions.html