the shimmering stone, the word bank before time earth-sized talent pool the children role the dice in the hallway label the x mas leftovers ancient flowers tfw you know you’re an angel Do you see how he’s walking between each flame? Vegetation runs in ecstatic pleasure Plantasia Tear swept — power o the earth Don’t rust yourself to death Cash in on San Andreas fault Demon claws You and me as inanimate objects Safeway Chocolate chip cookies and shamrocks tip toe past periphery of a collective hallucination The Scottish fold pulls on her belly button ring and I watch from afar The poem doesn’t provide answers only descriptions of possibilities
  • Belleza y Felicidad - Cecilia Pavon and Fernanda Laguna
  • No Right Words - Rod Roland
  • The Only Dance There Is - Ram Dass
  • https://wfmu.org/playlists/shows/92080
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