06.24.22 flight delay. wearing all black. feeling almost positive. 06.13.22 Physics test in 45 minutes. Feeling okay. Please wish me luck and good things. 05.22.22 It's my sister's birthday today. I got her Interaction of Color by Albers, and a book of a project by Tadao Ando. I think she liked them both. Tomorrow I'm starting a physics class, and I must confess I'm nervous. It'll be my first time in a classroom in a minute, and it's an intensive (four hours a day). I keep forgetting that I might enjoy the learning, might enjoy the neural stretch. I realized today I have to get a notebook--I used legal pads in college but I think a composition classic will do the job. 05.19.22 05.16.22 Getting a tetanus shot later today. i really don't want lockjaw. 04.14.22 updated my website. feels good. 03.26.22 Sometimes i love paperwork. i love filling things out. what a joy to know the answers. 03.21.22 Making my bicycle new and different, ridable for this fall. Wiping down every exposed surface, tri-lock lubricant in choice threads, pipe cleaners for crevices in the rear cassette. I don't know what I'm doing, but it feels good to take things apart and put them back together. I don't want gears anymore! I don't live in the alps! I just want a single speed zip around the neighborhood! 03.11.22 Tylenol and green-ginger tea to fight this oncoming cold. Maybe I am in the thick of it. Strange sweats and dry lips. 03.03.22 I'm here today! 01.11.22 checking in in order to check in 11.26.21 work has been so good. my coworkers are almost always nice and hardworking. they all stay busy as i do. and in tandem. to be helped without asking. to do without being told. 09.20.21 so little clarity and so many details.