I've been thinking about the last of things the last Thursday we keep calling it even though there have been many Thursday since I think it helps it feel closer away the last Thursday I was stressed out I didn't know if we were going or not and my plans weren't concrete the world is funny in this way I don't remember it at all when I've tried it's like looking at something beige and wide and it just feels so ever less never neverland that's what he said we've entered never neverland except we weren't sung out of our beds in the dead of night slicing through the sky falling into the lush and trees to be boys forevermore no, it's not like that exactly more like we've just woken up with our eyes still closed our bodies achy from hard days work we haven't had minds racing with all the thoughts we are no longer distracted enough to keep at bay the last Thursday I think i was upset of course now I can't remember why


  • long waits or fast ones?
  • if the first one dies, does the second become the first or does it stay the way it is?
  • are you ok?
  • how long do run?
  • is an orgasm the best you can feel ?
  • whats better to hear, a secret or a promise ?


  • plop
  • gobbstopper
  • bottomless
  • dumbfounded
  • vibey
  • playa


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