dear lake of shining waters

i have no one to share this space with but i'm here 052020 (it's 2 am so i am writing about 5192020) Even though I felt nauseous and barely conscious all day I think it was good in most other respects. My friend and I were supposed to meet with our phd student but he was an hour late +_+ but it was a blessing because i hadn't video called anyone in so long and my friend and I spent that hour chatting. Later in the evening my friends and I talked again. Someone came to me to confide things they were thinking about and I talked meaningfully with them. And right now I'm talking to another friend about how much we mean to each other. Meanwhile I have indigestion. But it was a good day and I'm grateful. 051920 my most disturbing or scary ideas: imperfect GPA wide expanses of water and the deep blue sea creepy uncanny lurking jumping no one connecting with my most personal drawings family knows i experience thoughts & emotions disappointment from mentors and friends who realize i am bad and mean and lazy being looked at never being seen not being enough not being loved not being time irreversibly passes and i'm going to be at a funeral aching to travel back but i cannot getting uglier in various ways losing control over my body regret bugs 051820 Every part of me aches except the physical parts, which goes without saying because the body isn't part of me. I'm alone in my words and in my art and it's okay. Not really, but there's nothing to do about it. I really miss the fountain pen i lost. I need to go back to journaling. Yeah. That's all for now I guess. 051520 It feels unlucky to say this, but I think I am finally feeling connected to my art again. I would like to preserve this fragile sensation. i reactivated my instagram after months of absence, during which I avoided looking at art and barely drew. I want to make things that have meaning to me. I want to be earnest about what I am. 051120 Another cake today: japanese cheesecake. It turned out okay for the first time but I wish it was fluffier. Mom had no complaints as she ate it all. We cleaned the yard today and Kevin and I played catch with a water bottle as the sun set. After dinner I watched him drink two cups of milk at once, laughing all the while. 051020 Today my parents were out when I woke up so I laid in the dark in bed and wept. When they came back I fried dumplings and drank my dad’s leftover coffee. I baked another matcha chiffon cake but it wasn’t as satisfying as the previous time because I had some and felt guilty about it. My family called my 外婆 and she said I looked pretty and I took a nap until midnight. I went back to bed at 3 am and read On Death and Dying before falling asleep. 050520 More things I want: to wake up in the before-morning to a cool dark breeze to read lots and lots of stories love. Love LOVE love!!!!! love ..... big ass cookies with lots of butter or whatever in them a switch so i can play animal crossing 042420 I slept most of the day. Spent some time practicing piano (chopin op 69 no 1). I should have gotten some work done but I've been so strained and sleepless recently that i know i needed the rest. 041620 I am 19 and soon I will be 20, meaning i have had my soft blue bear for nearly 20 years. I once thought I would grow bigger and bigger, but instead things are getting smaller as they become more distant. The moment I was born the universe flinched away and continued to expand, and I will continue to watch things hurtle away from me, grasping for life, as I wait for death. I am 19 years old still so forgive me for being grossly edgy. 041220 i want to write poems again. I am very not good at writing & that's okay because it's for me. I was okay at drawing but now i am extremely bad at it. because my drawings have none of me in them. I can write shitty poetry and maybe it will carry some of me and then i'll feel a bit better. 041020 I don't exactly think I should be here but the same is true anywhere. For the first time ever I understand what they say about a lonely tree quietly falling 040920 hello, i would like: bread and butter to breathe easy you to love me something that fills me up inside morning dew a new fountain pen

i like to eat

  • chinese sausage rice
  • liang pi
  • big costco pizza slice
  • century egg
  • crossiant
  • right now i am craving: croissants (3:21 am)

to people i've loved, or something like that

  • 1. i wonder if you know how i thought about you that entire plane ride. thank you for becoming someone I don't know.
  • 2. hi. i still don't know what to do without you. were you ever by my side? I have been missing you, always.
  • 3. sometimes, as I go to bed, I shut my eyes and hope that I'll have another dream of you. it's the only way i can see you again. Do you ever think of me?

results of various personality assessments

  • infp - t
  • cancer sun + libra moon + aquarius rising
  • either 2w3 or 6w5
  • solitary, firm, ponderer, impressionable, attentive, anxious, meticulous, cooperative
  • physical touch
  • 69 (for nonverbal intimacy. the avg was 102 ..)
  • tenderness, neediness, sensitivity
  • espurr & komala
  • detached, suppressed, studious, wholesome, supportive
  • "solare"

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