- start: i have no one to share this space with but i'm here 111521 I'm afraid to be seen as a woman; loved as a woman. And I am not a woman but I think most of those who identify with "girlhood" will know this fear: of being wanted as a sexual object. When I say it out loud it doesn't seem so bad. When other people say it it doesn't seem so bad. But I know it's like this: feeling unsafe in your body even when you are alone. becoming numb. lying on the floor for hours and needing to cry but you can't, your body doesn't do what you want it to, it will never really belong to you. Losing touch of reality, feeling repulsed with every sight and sound and touch that reminds you that your body is a physical thing that can and will be used. wanting to mutilate it, anything that will make you undesirable. But then again, isn't being desired by men the only thing that makes you feel worth something? you need it and you hate yourself for it. but do you even have a choice? your body isn't yours, it isn't you, it isn't anything. you're nothing. you're nothing 100921 green grape soju tasted like cough syrup ... I gave myself a haircut and cut off my mullet. I kind of like someone who wrote a list of songs on a blank page in my diary. Next time I see them I'm going to give them a gift. looking in the mirror at my round face...I don't like it. 092421 good things today--attended a midautumn festival event with 2 new friends. they're roommates; the one who's my classmate is loud and his roommate is quiet. I counted 3 white hairs on his head and shared sewage water coffee. we went out to eat afterwards. There was a moment where I spilled broth and The quieter friend took out a cotton handkerchief and dabbed at my outstretched arm, bending to clean the hem of my skirt and shoes. it felt intimate in a way. whenever we sat together on wednesdays I'd have to lean in really close to talk and i'd feel it then, too. Loud one asked do I consider us friends and I told them the truth which is no not yet but i would like to be. I've been thinking about the last classmate I made friends with 3 years ago and how recently we aren't really friends anymore, we pretend we are but we seem to live in totally separate worlds... 8/29/21 what I remember of my father’s mother: her gentle voice and the harsh shaanxi dialect that accompanied it, the one that all of her children shared; how she called my father like a little boy and the 我nd especially the 谁吗 that we'd imitate when answering the phone how she favored me because she’d always wanted daughters and i’d sleep on the small hard mattress in her room. how I’d wake up in the dark of midnight to her slight figure standing over me. how she’d watch my sleeping form silently, sometimes fanning me with a 扇子,before adjusting my blanket and shuffling away. that she liked to eat 馍 with 臭豆腐 and I could smell it from across the flat, even long after the meal had ended and the little jar had been screwed shut. that her left arm was paralyzed and we always sat on her right. How I learned from my uncle (her eldest son) to separate the toilet paper two squares at a time and stack it for her to use. That, months later, the tissues I’d made remained untouched on the countertop, too precious to be used. 8/25/21 most days between 11 pm and 2 am is when I'll lie down and wait to fall asleep. 1 am and I'm wondering how it feels to wash your lover's back, gentle hands and bumps and moles and smooth skin and acne. Just to touch someone and worship. Sometimes if I'm lucky I dream about it. I write my dreams down and so I can remember things I’ve never felt (in my dreams they feel so real). I'm lying with someone and tracing the crease of their hip as they sing softly in my ear and I say, this is my favorite part of you. I hug a person and it feels like being embraced in a cocoon, a womb. A friend and I are leaving a high school classroom and we touch the tips of our fingers together to say goodbye. Someone I’ve known since childhood steadies my arm and pierces it with a syringe when I can't do it myself and I look at them with my chest burning. I'm kissing someone in a parked car at night, and it's snowing outside but we keep each other warm. The characters who appear are usually unrecognizable strangers. but I know I love them by the way it feels to touch them. I think about the person who taught me how to love and how when things were too difficult for words she’d rest her head on my shoulder and maybe I adopted her way of loving as my own. Sooner or later Ill fall asleep or wake up. Good night. 080721 It was our last evening in San Diego and we were driving back to the room. sam in the drivers seat, matt’s music floating from the speakers, me in the back. We were all pretty tired and I remember thinking that time passes so irreversibly and isn’t that sad? With the windows rolled down I let the wind whip across my skin and felt the fullness in my heart emptying, little by little. I will never be here with you like this again. already I'm forgetting 031021 1. Impaired judgement 2. unwilling acceptance 3. burning bridges 4. sleep it off 5. cicada's death 6. departure from reality 7. a stranger.

Archive (i ran out of character limit)

  • [110820] Last night I finished watching The Good Place. I cried so much for those left behind, but I don't think there's anything I would change...I know the feeling of complete peace they described as the final place.
  • After all, once you live that long, you're not afraid of running out of time and you just want to be at rest. The wave returns to the ocean, but the water remains, always. I would too.
  • [090920] how can i say I love you in a way you understand?
  • [080120] At midnight my cramps returned so I went to the kitchen to drink warm lemon water. As I sat there I thought: I’ve been reborn, transformed, after what happened. It doesn’t feel good. I feel a stranger to the things I used to care about.
  • I feel like a stranger in my skin. I used to say I wanted to be happy but really I was looking to deserve happiness. I don’t feel that way now, not since. I just want to be happy. be myself. be happy.
  • [072620] alone in an open / room in a place full of / other people. where / i think of being another / person.
  • last night, i watched myself / as i walked towards / death's welcoming arms. / i felt the taste of peace / almost, almost to the brim / i woke up / i was only dreaming. / and i did / walk that / path, but i never / reached it.
  • to be stopped while walking / i can't go on anymore. / i tried for a long time. i really can't. / in the end, i was sorry i lived.
  • [072220] It hurts in different parts for different reasons. I do not touch any of them. I am lying down. I could be nicer if I was gone. I try but I remain and it only makes me crueler.
  • [051920] fears: imperfect GPA / wide expanses of water and the deep blue sea /creepy uncanny lurking jumping / making worthless art / selling out / scrutiny / slicing / disappointing others /
  • not being enough / time passes irreversibly and i'm going to be at a funeral aching to travel back but i cannot / losing control over my body / regret / bugs
  • [051820] Every part of me aches except the physical parts, which goes without saying because the body isn't part of me. i really miss the fountain pen i lost. need to start journaling again.
  • [051120] Another cake today: japanese cheesecake. It turned out okay but I wish it was fluffier (Mom had no complaints as she ate it all) We cleaned the yard and kevin and I played catch with a water bottle until the sun set.
  • After dinner I watched him drink two cups of milk at once, laughing all the while.
  • [051020] Woke up in the afternoon and parents were out so I laid in the dark in bed and wept.
  • when they came back i fried 煎饺 and drank my dad's leftover coffee and baked matcha chiffon cake. but it wasn't so good; I had some and felt bad about it. took a nap again until midnight.
  • [050520] things I want pt 2: to wake up in the before-morning to a cool dark breeze / to read lots and lots of stories / love. LOVE!!!!! love... / big ass cookies with lots of butter or whatever in them / a switch so i can play animal crossing
  • [041620] I am 19 and soon I will be 20, meaning i will have lala for nearly 20 years. I once thought I would grow bigger and bigger, but instead things only become smaller and more distant.
  • The moment I was born the universe flinched away and continued to expand, and I will continue to watch things hurtle away from me as I wait until the end
  • [041220] i want to write poems again. I was okay at drawing but now my drawings have none of me in them. I am shitty at writing but maybe it will carry some of me and then i'll feel a bit better.
  • [041020] I don't think I should be here but the same is true anywhere. a tree that falls unheard is silent.
  • [040920] hello i would like: / bread and butter / to breathe easy / you to love me / something that fills me up inside / morning dew / a new fountain pen
  • [031220] Writing is wanting and I want things I don’t know. I cant write.

to people I've loved, or something like that

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  • the memory of your smiling face rises in my chest as a laugh- I squeeze my eyes shut, my muscles tense with warmth
  • that summer, I have to think of your face in order to fall asleep. i wonder if you know how i thought about you that entire plane ride. thank you for becoming someone I don't know.
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  • did you know I still show people love through touch, the way you taught me? were you ever by my side? I have been missing you, always.
  • i still don't know what to do without you: I feel as though I have never loved anyone since, I know it.
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  • you were so sweet and pink, your hair and flushed cheeks and lips, and all the dreams I had of you tasted like cherry wine.
  • sometimes, as I go to bed, I shut my eyes and hope that I'll have another dream of you. it's the only way i can see you again. Do you ever think of me?

grapefruit reviews

  • jinro chamisul soju: luv it. had this on a trip w friends so good memories too
  • sweet touch beer: good but would prefer higher alc %
  • squirt soda: it's just soda .... the flavor is eh
  • pocari sweat: cute packaging, tastes refreshing and not too sweet
  • la croix: first time trying sparkling water and it's nice. like fuzzy pink noise
  • icing grapefruit makgeolli: not sure I like rice wine in general, it’s kinda milky... but flavor is ok

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