March 12 Ongoing titles for ongoing projects! -Monument to maintaining life via a continuous heartbeat -Thoughts that slip under my head -Proof of a thought I absolutely had -A ticking clock in an empty room -Clampers jumpy -The self, the crickets chirping, the horns from the train tracks by the river -Love survives death -The sun knows it’s special to us -The sun does not care about you! -Turning grey in my hands -Waiting is so easy, I can do it all day -Waiting so long I forgot who I was -The brother’s quiet worry -An electron within me I felt do something strange -A one-sided love’s very beginning -The minor character’s day to shine -The stars are looking down at you, even when you think you’re looking up at them -When I begin to understand myself I no longer understand the world -Lives lived close that never touch -The universe written in cursive -A great time for a good idea -Demonstrating at will that I am capable of demonstrating something at will -Heart skipping a beat near you -So scared of rejection, wow -silly promise of constant forward progress -Too-young tree with pasted-on leaves -Harking back to previous optimism -Punctuating time with new heartbreaks -New combinations of heartbreak and love -So shy I crawled under my name -Please pull yourself together, do it soon -Oh god so tired of time -Four stories about angry gods -Decision to make light of the situation -Portrait of Garrett occupied and getting happy -Tangle of hair and stinky objects -Bereavement Season -Belated monument for you know who's tonsil removal -Restored faith in spicy gossip -Specifically silly statements make scared employees -Marriage of two impassable forces -immeasurable sadness meets immovable habit -Collision of immeasurable loneliness with inspiring morning routine -Reacting to the news within zone of acceptable emotion -Reacting within limits of acceptable emotional outpour -Acting within limits of acceptable frustrated behavior -Eye contact that burns like looking into the sun -Monument to the construction of agreeable behavior