• 24/02 the invention of plaid
  • 26/02 metallic blue packaging
  • 27/02 forest floor mycelium people
  • 01/03 a library, dirt, moss, a broken bridge, fixed a roof
  • 02/03 puppies

dream pt. 3

  • ...,,.

dream pt. 2

  • 25/03 d running stall on beach, filling pie dishes with random items, making pies with magic
  • 30/03 celebrating the end of the world like it was NYE, some kind of alien-sent machine burning holes in and dismantling the sky
  • 27/04 war (again), multicoloured bruises that looked like flowers around someone's forehead, 'he will be very sensitive to honey now'
  • 28/04 went to club 77, met a guy from wagga wagga
  • 30/04 my left foot was a beehive
  • 27/05 'crush' brand silver clamshell phone with 2G, we were going to use it to 'crush the internet'