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small apartment as timepiece (winter) 7:45 light is cool diffused dark corners 9:00 start of sun light is still cool 10:00 more sun brighter corners start of sun in bedroom 11:00 sun in bedroom and on the desk and in the cup of tea on the desk sun on bed begins 12:00 sun reflects off neighbor’s walls skylight casts more defined shadows diffused light is warm now sun is on the bed sun if on the ground outside 13:00 warmer shadows casted from the skylight all the sun is in the bedroom some of the sun is still on the ground outside 14:00 skylight still casts warm shadows sun is in the bedroom and touches the edge of the bathroom window sun in the outdoor space is too far gone there is still some in the neighbor’s yard 15:00 the sun rests on the pillows and the window sill and the fern in the bathroom sun stripes through the fence outside a mystery star-shaped reflection is on the neighbor’s wall 16:00 warm light begins to cool the bedroom is the brightest a mystery circle-shaped reflection is on the wall by the pillows 17:00 the last sun is on the last wall in the last room 18:00 first switch is flipped

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