djl, 🌙 336: Lederhosen cough syrup, MAGA hat and me. RCA chair. 007: Started playing WoH, it's really neat! Thinking about game UI/Styles. Missing WordArt for whatever reason. 009: Water Womb World's style is really cool, not what I'm looking for but really cool nonetheless! I'll have to check out the rest of Yames' games sometime. 015: fuck.

not a fish


edgelord idm track names or something shrug

  • zuc intra (im not your trowel!)
  • dunder oberature
  • cainsel/bovnt80
  • timb02
  • detractored bfxsm-72
  • avid9x
  • brensteid erlmpol
  • (s|m|l)ezis sgifx
  • fuzzd
  • heddaixe
  • uondahub

special song (20200929)

  • nicolette - waking up