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garden for budding: https://guest.garden/emiflake the following is my public pseudo-diary. milky like dairy. y2021 m09 d23: today's a thursday. i am cloudy! | snow yet to come, sun on the run | a liminal time. | ... | i want it to stop. y2021 m08 d30: today is fresh. it's a day like any other but | today is fresh. passing time isn't so bad. | today is fresh. will you pass time with me? y2021 m07 d14: average day. kinda on edge and aroused | i hope work ends quick its kinda boring me rn. | imagine warm weather am i right :) :( y2021 m06 d07: today sucks. | everything sucks. | last friday was bad, today is just sad. | why do i care what others think and why do others think that i should care? | i wanna eat ice cream. y2021 m05 d17: today is your average workday | my body image stonks are down, but... such is life. i'm holding long term anyway <3 | other stuff is mega budding, so... cool! y2021 m05 d08: it's been a while again! | it's a fine saturday, have no goals, but im ok with that | yesterday was bandcamp friday, which was nice. | people from work are nice :) y2020 m08 d13: it's been a while. | i think @tobloe got deleted :( | been collecting cassettes recently. | it's fun. | warm weather is causing significant distress, but i think ill make it. | im a little tender in some areas recently. i hope thats a good thing. y2020 m05 d22: friday's a good day for me. i usually am in a good place | i want to eat cookies, but i shouldn't. | hello @tobloe y2020 m05 d20: not doing too well today being sleepy writing bad code umu (add me on discord: emiflake#3939 msg with code "SPERBL")

things i like

  • - type theory (its fun shut up)
  • - cassettes v nice
  • - friends r nice too

things i dislike

  • - coffee (secretly love it but its bad for me)
  • - dust all over my room -- that sucks
  • - when my cat scratches me on accident and then she feels guilty
  • - when i procrastinate

music im listening to recently

  • ✧・゚: * duval timothy
  • ✧・゚: boof
  • ✧・゚ yves tumor
  • ✧・ lamp
  • ✧ vegyn
  • .
  • .
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  • you want more? okay fine just look here https://www.last.fm/user/emiflake


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