Douglas Muth

1 Apr 2024 - The weather has been not great over the last month. It is allegedly Spring, but most of March had had weather in the 40s. Now that we're in April, we got what looks like a week of rain. I could go for a little less of both things. In other news, I'm working on a website to pull outage data from the local power company. More to come, there. The past - I got an email from the site suggesting I should write a poem. I don’t think I really can, because that’s not my thing. Well, I *could* if I put my mind to it, but I don’t think that would be the best use of my time. Instead I want to talk about goats. If you haven’t ever watched goats, they’re a completely different animal from say, dogs and cats. Dogs bark, cats meow, goats... speak with their horns. They like to headbutt things (and each other) a lot. They have nice thick heads and could easily one-shot other animals that are larger than them. I’d rather deal with an angry dog than an angry goat. But if raised by humans, goats can be quite nice, affectionate even. And watching pygmy goats try to run is rather funny.

Favorite Goats

  • Asriel Dreemurr
  • Toriel

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