cinco 9ine veinteveinte4 11:18 pm est. just gunned it doing 60 in a 35, windows down, slightly tipsy, listening to the great gig in the sky on my college graduation night. Momma I made it. also, where's the confetti? - jev. ----------------------- 2+2 twenty4 2thousandandtwenty4 so fucking close atm. 2 weeks and i'm out this bitch. 1/4 final projects done. will be 2/4 by the end of the week. need to find some dress shoes for my graduation and get a hair cut. ----------------------- cuatro 12 24 feeling a bit lonely at the moment. wishing i could spend sometime with someone. still looking for ya... cant wait to meet you. ----------------------- for se7en 2024 this vampire weekend album really the only thing holding me together atm. going hard in the paint for the next 3 weeks. lets get this shmoney. ----------------------- 4 tree 20twentyfour stumbled across this site a while ago. thought it was pretty cool. forgot the name of it. searched high and low to find it. finally found it. now we're here. call me doc, g, or murky

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