friday, 4.12.24 someone told me last night that we are all "colonized" by staphylococcus and clostridioides difficile (C. Diff) bacteria at all times and it's just an imbalance that causes the bad stuff. dead baby bird season is starting in Philly, and i've seen 4 so far (3 in the same general area on 13th). a friend asked me why i am so interested in them and i think it's just bc it's a very powerful empathetic and aesthetic experience to see them in their rly tragic poses. taking pics. just strained out some homemade jiuniang but it's smelling and tasting a bit vinegary. tried to let it go a day or two longer at 90 degrees to make it more wine-y but i think it went past that. oops! wonder if i can use it for cooking though--it smells great. letting rice ferment for that long with just qu always kinda freaks me out though. also made some successful adzuki natto and some failed very sour adzuki tempeh in the past week. this morning i found a public fb group for graduates of the old catholic elementary school on 12th and Reed that is now a fancy apt building that my friend lives in [was originally a public school from ~1910 to ~1942?]. watched the eclipse from its roof. lots of SCARY pics of nuns. and one nice pic of a flute class from when it was public. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ created friday, 3.29.24; N+7 of below description of iPhone lady [using http://www.spoonbill.org/n+7 with large dictionary]: "in frost of this mandible (facing me): a shrewd-looking woodcutter in a raisin jailbreak that has little do-gooders all over it. underneath the jailbreak she has a thickly striped royal bluff and white quasar zoom. she has on very cistern, very thick-rimmed totem glimmers. she is utilizing an extravaganza chalk to hold her brilliantly red reusable shorty bakery, despite the clear dearth of chalks in this cal (i have been watching perch uncomfortably sibling around looking for secrets.) with her headlamp cocked backfire, moviegoer slightly open, iphone x at armholes lesion, she is making very deliberate climbers with her rim indisposition fir. i door't think this is a great desk but you certainly know what i mean." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ monday, 4.1.24; someone told me they don't read fiction "because why are you [the book] talking to me that way." which makes sense to me. good point. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ wednesday 4.3.24; list of things in the le pain quotidien at 15th and walnut at ~3pm [archived on website] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ tuesday, 4.2.24; for my first writing on here i will choose an excerpt from an email i wrote to a dear friend many years ago. it is a description of the happenings inside the Rittenhouse Square Barnes & Noble cafe [r.i.p.] on saturday, dec. 15, 2018 at ~4pm: ... + directly in front of me (with back turned): a shiny-headed man in a camo gore-tex jacket. he has a stack of strength training magazines and was reading the "fight club 2" graphic novel. right now he is furiously cleaning his backpack, meaning that its entire contents are splayed on the table in front of him. he is frantically beating his backpack and a lot of mysterious powder is falling out. highlights of the bag: + a very nice canon dslr (perhaps the reason that urgent cleanliness is necessary) + the same cocoa butter lip balm i have + a pristine sephora makeup brush + a book of checks that is folded in half, lengthwise + a memory card holder that is secured by a padlock that is larger than the card itself. i wonder what is on there. it looks very silly + in front of this man (facing me): a shrewd-looking woman in a rain jacket that has little dogs all over it. underneath the jacket she has a thickly striped royal blue and white quarter zip. she has on very circular, very thick-rimmed tortoiseshell glasses. she is utilizing an extra chair to hold her brilliantly red reusable shopping bag, despite the clear dearth of chairs in this cafe (i have been watching people uncomfortably shuffle around looking for seats.) with her head cocked back, mouth slightly open, iphone x at arms length, she is making very deliberate clicks with her right index finger. i don't think this is a great description but you certainly know what i mean. + speaking of uncomfortably shuffling around looking for chairs: i have been watching a very large (in both axes) man with a cane and a beautiful vertically striped pastel sweater break many many social norms by temporarily commandeering a chair that had a tiny cardigan thrown over the back of it. he was very clearly uncomfortable about it, but also very clearly needed the chair. the cardigan's owner was in the bathroom. anyways, the shrewd lady left and he took her seat immediately. her bright red shopping bag has been replaced by a perfectly cylindrical hunter's orange duffel bag. when he sat down, shiny man left, and pastel man and i simultaneously bent over to look at the pile of powder that was left by his fervent cleaning. we both looked up and made eye contact at the same time, shrugged, and returned to our business (my business is writing this email.) he just flagged down a woman to let her know that the shiny man's seat was available (it was not apparent bc shiny man left his magazines strewn about). pastel man is definitely my favorite person in this cafe. + behind pastel man, there is a wobbly grandpa with lips perpetually pursed. he is wearing a brown sweater with stretched-out neck over a crinkly red plaid button up (not just wrinkly, but crinkly too. i can hear it). on his head is a plain baseball cap with blue brim and black body. his head is tilted down so i cannot see his eyes. he is flipping backwards through what appears to be some kind of highly saturated nature encyclopedia. between flips he fingers the top button of his shirt. + in the opposite corner from me: two older definitely queer people with identical hair (straight, dyed hot pink, medium length). one of them has pink beats around their neck. they are having a very stern conversation, which was started by the beats-less person walking up behind the beats-laden one, removing the beats, forcibly poking the part of the neck that the beats had covered, and returning the beats to their original spot. the beats-less person kind of looks like jonathan franzen with cat-eye glasses, a soul patch, and a michael kors purse. + ok there are many more interesting characters but i do not have the time to type about all of them. this was done in haste with little revision. i am sorry if it is incomprehensible. + pastel man keeps getting better and better and i cannot do him justice. he is so outwardly kind to everyone in here, in a very genuine way. + a very skinny boy in a leather jacket just crept around the cafe holding an imaginary microphone, singing a song that i do not know. in a very beautiful voice, with a very beautiful smile. it has caused pastel man to start telling another very feeble old man about the crazy things he has experienced being in here every day. [name of recipient]. my heart is about to jump out of my chest. of course i am recording it. i hope my keyboard clicks don't get in the way of the recording. ... i don't have the recording anymore :/ here's a map from memory [honestly, it may be completely inverted][also this does NOT work on mobile lol, only desktop][still looks kinda fun on mobile]: +----------------------------------+ | | bookstore [r.i.p.] | +-----+ x [beats | | x [crinkly | | queers]| bookstore [r.i.p.] | grandpa] | | | | ++ +---------+ | | x [dusty bag | x[pastel | | outside | guy] | man | | [approx. bookstore [r.i.p] [raining]| +-+ original] +----+--- singing | x [iphone lady +----+ | boy path] | & final pastel man] | +-----+--- | +-----------+ | | | x [me!] +------------------+ | bookstore [r.i.p.] | | +----------------------------------+ | | bookstore [r.i.p.] | cafe bar [contracted starbucks kind] +----------------------------------+

contact stuff

  • email: jkriney12@gmail.com
  • insta + spotify: penta_jon
  • website: yone.house

jobs Agnes Martin has worked:

  • 1. as a play ground Director
  • 2. as a tennis coach
  • 3. started two successful businesses
  • 4. on a farm--milking
  • 5. three times at the wheat harvest
  • 6. managed cherry pickers
  • 7. for a mining Co. managed Indians horse packing supplies
  • 8. taught three years in country schools

jobs Agnes Martin has worked [cont.]

  • 9. as a cashier
  • 10. in a factory
  • 11. in a hamberger stand
  • 12 as a receptionist
  • 13 in a butcher shop
  • www.guggenheim.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/checklist-agnesmartin-ephemera-jobs-detail.jpg

darkroom notes [all second from left enlarger with the current bulb]

  • obaba living room: 0C 50M 50Y; 19secs; f11
  • most computer prints: 0C 50M 50Y; 33secs; f11
  • manzanar plate: 0C 50M 50Y; 25secs; f11
  • easter dinner: 0C 45M 40Y; 13secs; f11; high contrast developer
  • poston press building: 0C 62M 67Y; 24secs; f8
  • home search [darker one]: 0C 50M 38Y; 15secs; f11
  • ^same for family tree
  • mentaiko: 0C 50M 50Y; ~15secs [pale]; f11
  • obaba's lamp: 0C 70M 70Y; ~20secs; f11
  • kyoto menu [food]: 0C 50M 35Y; 16secs; f16

whoa links

  • WFMU Random Songs Generator: https://wfmu.org/randomsongs.php
  • USDA watercolors of persimmons: https://search.nal.usda.gov/discovery/collectionDiscovery?vid=01NAL_INST:MAIN&collectionId=81279629860007426&query=any,contains,Diospyros
  • Crazy natto situation: https://thejapanstore.us/barley-koji/how-to-make-moromi-natto/
  • Origami bookbinding technique: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMUT-IVnUuo
  • Super Strength flavor oils [i have banana cream & eggnog]: https://lorannoils.com/products/shop/flavors/super-strength-flavors-food-grade-essential-oils
  • WRA image I write about a lot: https://catalog.archives.gov/id/538454
  • Carpentry tools stolen: https://catalog.archives.gov/id/48559351?objectPage=2
  • Bonkers barrack situation: https://catalog.archives.gov/id/536360
  • Link says it all: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/311591641_HILDEGARD_OF_BINGEN_-_A_TEMPORAL-LOBE_EPILEPTIC_AN_INGENIOUS_WOMAN_OR_BOTH
  • Archival epilepsy material [and entire archive]: https://wellcomecollection.org/search/images?query=epilepsy

sunday, 3.31.24; aura notes [seizure averted with klonopin for first time]

  • most relatable way to put it is like you haven't slept for a week. but your body is not calling for sleep, it's just freaking out.
  • thoughts are really loud & crisp [even more than usual], but they're not coming from inside your brain, they're somewhere like a foot away. up and across. it's always up.
  • feels like "you" is somewhere a foot away from your head, up and across. like you're watching yourself in the third-person, but your vision is still embodied. maybe just... hearing yourself in the third person. but it also feels proprioceptive.
  • thoughts are mostly "fuck i'm gonna have a seizure." they used to be "i'm really tired in a weird way, oh well." you are now so grateful that you & your aura remember each other's names.
  • your brain feels much lighter, like empty. no volume. makes you aware of how heavy your brain usually is.
  • vision: like when you take a picture and turn the brightness and contrast way up. everything is washed out but colors are still stark. this comparison is actually very accurate, so if you want to simulate you can try this.
  • another note on vision: everything is delayed & jiggly like when you're really drunk.
  • you were able to coherently text a friend to cancel plans. used the term "feeling seizurely"
  • "indescribable feeling" is a medical term in describing parts of an aura. you have that. sorry, you can't describe.
  • klonopin worked!!! you were still able to go to the zine library to read & catalog!! happy ending, for the first time.
  • not sure why this is in 2nd person but it feels right

ergodic literature i know already [if i understand Espen J Aarseth correctly; not sure i do]

  • that one "life" app game that i used to get ads and tiktoks for all the time. i wonder where that went. never played it--even from the happy ads it seemed very morbid.
  • "Building Stories" by Chris Ware; maybe why i like ergodic lit but don't like this academized writing about it, because the book is so accessible; there's apparently a lot of scholarly work about Building Stories.
  • "Norman vs. America" comic by Charles Platt. [https://archive.org/details/quark40000edsa p.65]. i got the happy ending my first try which was kind of disappointing. it was also a gross definition of "happy."
  • www.isfdb.org is awesome. not where i found that comic but it helped me track it down online.
  • "The Garden of Forking Paths" by Borges; Jun's writing about it and "A Tale for the Time Being" by Ruth Ozeki was really good. i should return to it [Jun is a friend].
  • also that one Borges story about the encyclopedia i can't remember the title of

ergodic lit i know [cont.]

  • the newer e-books of Princeton University Press's "Ancient Wisdom for Modern Readers." i know this bc i made some of them. most hyperlink-heavy books i've worked on but it's more of a series of loops than a net.
  • press.princeton.edu/books/ebook/9780691248608/how-to-be-queer-1 <-- especially this guy. pub date is in june though. nice that they're fully-accessible now. i love reflowable .epubs could talk about them forever.
  • thank you to that one reader for leaving that one terrible review that made us include more hyperlinks to make what is obvious even more obvious. you inadvertently made it more ergodic.
  • I guess infinite jest bc of the footnotes lol
  • definitely when i have a seizure + aura
  • https://monoskop.org/images/e/e0/Aarseth_Espen_J_Cybertext_Perspectives_on_Ergodic_Literature.pdf

thoughts about this

  • i wish i could title links for accessibility purposes; same with the log font, should be heavier
  • who knows how long i can sustain this
  • i like this website it’s lightly public enough that i feel like i’m writing to someone, which always helps with my writing. and i got such a good username. it's gently public. who is reading this. let me know.
  • again, i am so happy about my username lol
  • love the colors
  • i think someone just followed me on insta because of this. which felt strange. or at least unexpected. makes the "public" aspect of this more real though, which is good.
  • if you are the person sorry about saying that. we have a friend in common so maybe not that weird.
  • it's fun that my writing may be erased unexpectedly if it's too long
  • right now this is alinear--in real time and memories. top --> bottom is the actual order i am writing it in
  • a friend asked me "are you nostalgic for 2004 or something" and i answered "i don't think so"