palo alto

I love playing games. my favorite is I also like to make stuff like a garage. I also do guarding. I have lots of plants. @low helps me guaren. I like to play I love to do gymnastics. My favorite sport is skiing. I also like music. I play for some practice. To learn more visit

my favorite book

  • bernstin bears
  • one minuet artist
  • how to play
  • how to plant a apricot

favorite songs

  • we are the dinosaurs marching
  • beliva
  • mery had a little lamb

My top favorite cartoons

  • spaceracers
  • octonos
  • chugginton
  • titippo
  • masa and the bear
  • number blocks

My favorite toys

  • Airy
  • Gunslinger
  • Limy
  • Lemi
  • Silia
  • Navi
  • spaceshe
  • Trains
  • Scaels

My favorite games

  • beach bugy racing
  • 2048
  • 3d jump
  • thisissand
  • Fishdom
  • book creator