fien, rural switzerland

7/6/20 preparing for my viva. eek! I'm not good at structuring my answers. need to practice more. so little time 11/5/20 first ever sourdough in the oven. oh man. i'm so excited. fingers crossed. looks like she's risen a fair bit. 10/5/20 pizza dough doing its bulk ferment; first sourdough loaf is high hydration and difficult to work with but i am persevering! 5/5/20 I took my first citalopram last night. tired of feeling so hopeless and listless. life isn't supposed to feel so difficult 19/4/20 drinking tea in the sofa. rosacea flaring up, my face is super warm argh!! finished a book today, listening to the crickets chirping 18/4/20 made my parents asparagus soup for dinner. listened to bach cantatas sung by andreas scholl during, was heaven. waiting for some roast peppers to cool so i can marinade them for salad tomorrow 12/4/20 hello

feelings i've had lately

  • homely, soft, clean, peaceful
  • nostalgia abt relationships
  • terribad

trying to read

  • philip larkin's poems
  • in search of lost time
  • the summer book
  • godel escher bach
  • hotel world
  • the aleph
  • tipping the velvet
  • decameron

things i want to bake

  • a good sourdough loaf
  • the perfect regular shabbat challot
  • sephardic spiced round challah
  • chocolate babka
  • chocolate guinness cake
  • cinnamon buns