nyc, mexico city, my bed, my head

every day i learn more about myself but at the same time i become less of myself. does that make any sense? leave me letters, send me mail: ・゚゚・*: .。. .。.:*゚:* : ✼✿ https://www.yourworldoftext.com/~danibloop/ ・゚゚・*:✼✿.。.。.:*゚:* all welcome. ✼ ✼ now have some fish: 𓆝 𓆞 𓆟𓆜 𓆞 𓆟 𓆜 𓆞𓆟 𓆜

things i sort of kind of really like

  • ✿oral history archives
  • ✿big circular mirrors hung in corners of ceilings
  • ✿home videos
  • ✿hands
  • ✿when eyes are browsing something and they kinda linger but then move slightly
  • ✿shadows
  • ✿photos of 1970s dinner party food
  • ✿how you never know the last snowfall is the last while it's happening
  • ✿detective boards
  • ✿seeing someone's room for the first time
  • ✿the moon
  • ✿lists

✻ my museum

  • https://www.instagram.com/memoarchive/

a list i made months ago and found again

  • https://websitesite.kr/doablelist/dani.html

✻ where to find me (aka a virtual game of hide and seek)

  • instagram.com/thisisnotdaniela
  • are.na/dani-bloop
  • notdaniela.com


  • my favourite is fallen angels by wong kar-wai
  • the last one i watched is my own private idaho and linda linda linda
  • i really want to watch taste of tea the double life of véronique blue gate crossing
  • and to finally finish all about mystery train yi yi shoplifters the gleaners and i
  • * * * * * i always welcome movie recommendations .,, ʕ。•ᴥ•。ʔ *,.
  • ^ books too! i'm finally reading again

❧ ❧ mi casa virtual. make yourself at home, shoes off at the door.

  • https://d2w9rnfcy7mm78.cloudfront.net/2963877/original_cf3640ae3963b0a6b1aab8368854c23f.jpg?1541007138?bc=1
  • https://sightunseen.com/content/uploads/2019/07/alfa.brussels_DecioStudio_Cotta-Shelves-1.jpg
  • http://qusamura.com/wp-content/uploads/item/Q4929_main.jpg
  • https://www.generalview.net/upload/save_image/0426-2_1200.jpg
  • https://sightunseen.com/content/uploads/2018/03/S94_Barger_WorksII_13.jpg
  • https://d2w9rnfcy7mm78.cloudfront.net/6460805/original_bd016ce1b69ae83693d499bd421cf06e.jpg?1584315675?bc=0
  • https://arena_images-temp.s3.amazonaws.com/25B901C3-495B-46D9-BDAF-7C1BFEFD6050.jpg
  • https://d2w9rnfcy7mm78.cloudfront.net/5700588/original_9aa9c5ab23df8f996030a8a653c219ce.jpg?1576093482?bc=0
  • https://d2w9rnfcy7mm78.cloudfront.net/5700588/original_9aa9c5ab23df8f996030a8a653c219ce.jpg?1576093482?bc=0

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