the special fish aquarium

every day i learn more about myself but at the same time i become less of myself. does that make any sense? . * i have a virtual guestbook! ✉ please leave me letters: ・゚゚・*: .。. .。.:*゚:* : ✼✿ ~ https://www.yourworldoftext.com/~danibloop/ ・゚゚・*:✼✿.。.。.:*゚:* 📹🍵🕯️🌫️🕵🏻‍♀️🦔🌬️🍃 all welcome <3 ✼ * * ✼ ✿✿traces 16th February '21 -- currently in awe of the passage of time. that is all. 24th February '21 -- the colour brown. a single cloud. green screens. a street photographer that never showed. recipes from the South. messages that cannot come fast enough. a drowsy haze. a teabag is set aside. the jacarandas bloom. ✿ ✼ ✼currently reading kafka on the shore by murakami✼ now have some fish: 𓆝 𓆞 𓆟𓆜 𓆞 𓆜 𓆞𓆟 𓆜 🌌✧・゚*:✧・゚☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙🚣🏻✧:*☆

things i sort of kind of really like

  • ✿home videos
  • ✿the moon
  • ✿the number 4
  • ✿how you never know the last snowfall is the last while it's happening
  • ✿oral history archives
  • ✿hands
  • ✿when eyes are browsing something and they kinda linger but then move slightly
  • ✿shadows
  • ✿photos of 1970s dinner party food
  • ✿detective boards
  • ✿seeing someone's room for the first time
  • ✿lists

✻ my museum

  • https://www.instagram.com/memoarchive/

✻ where to find me (a virtual game of hide and seek)

  • instagram.com/thisisnotdaniela
  • are.na/dani-bloop
  • notdaniela.com


  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmcVvQjPMUU

✻ films

  • *the last film i watched was minari
  • *my favourite short is i am easy to find by mike mills
  • *my favourite film is fallen angels by wong kar-wai
  • ~ i welcome recommendations of all kinds :~)

a list i made months ago and found again

  • https://websitesite.kr/doablelist/dani.html

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