3/4/20 back to working on isolation.sale a bit 21/3/20 the drippy doubt from mother >: 19/3/20 just how the internal and external chaos has matched up so well also...on perfume area: "A perfume controlled by whomever you're in conversation with. When not in conversation, you are whichever smell your last conversation partner set for you." can i still work for companies/brands/ppl i don't believe in and still believe in myself 4/3/20 the phrase "tell you how to think" just triggered this: an image of a woman dressed in clashing patterns, rainbow striped tights walking quickly towards me (a me who is at an unusual height as though i am hovering and not standing on the ground with the woman) she's holding something that i can't see to the right of her, my right her left, but because she is using both hands and some of her forearms what she might be holding is a basket or some kind of rounded vessel. i 'know' intuitively that she's walking through spitalfields market although there are no visual indicators that it is so. the feeling is a deep frustration. why did that image come up? seems like a tangent. a series of visual tangents drawing separate from thinking? discuss


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