7 DAYS 8 MONTHS Apples and screens, hot summers and cold basements, where's my title? 1 EVENING B4 THIRTY 5 STAR ROTATIONS Movin sooner than expected, web operations engineer perspective. EIGHTY FOUR POINT THREE PERCENT OF '21 Terraform & clusters; boardroom busking, clowns are structured. ONE SIXTY FIVE INTO 21 Everything was great, Dave. <3 BAKER'S DOZEN MAY '21 Spring walks and data pipelines. THIRD SPOOKY SUNDAY Fall walks and household fix-ups, the creep is in the air. FOUR MONTHS TIL XMAS EVE Great weekend away at a friend's house. Still a bit of summer magic remaining. THREE^THREE^THREE JULY Sunny Monday. New offices soon and brisket even sooner! MATHEMATICIANS DOZEN DAYS INTO JUNE 2020 Had some lovely Indian food today, then a drink with a friend. ONE THIRDISH OF JUNE 2020 Data data data its a precious resource. EARLY JUNE 2020 Sometimes you have to remember to turn the music back on. HELLO WORLD 1987 Captain's Log, Supplemental


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