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sometimes i think about how big the planet is == CHAT is at the bottom == 24/8/20 bang bang bang boom bang pow. the racket won't stop. i noticed that the sign up process for special.fish is now a little more involved. maybe that's why there have been fewer new users. 7/8/20 my log is getting longer and longer. tbh it seems like special.fish had a influx of users in may and june and then activity died done quite a lot. it's also not possible to see how many new users there are because the homepage now lists users in random order. i'm in a weird situation right now, because the suspense is killing me, but also most of the time i'm not thinking about it. 29/7/20 it appears that the squares have been replaces with a gradient circle with those you follow. hmmm. i will miss the square. i've got some big things coming up. EDIT: hmmm it seems like this new profile design is just for special.fish supporters. 18/7/20 the grind is real right now. one hopes it will pay off, but the chance of disappointment looms over one like a dark storm cloud. one can't help but think the decision is already made, and there's nothing that i can do, but with that mindset one will never get there. 9/7/20 minecraft! having real fun for the first time in a while. 5/7/20 thinking about adding a bloom-filter based search to my website like this here: https://www.stavros.io/posts/bloom-filter-search-engine/. it would probably involve me rewriting a bloom filter in typescript though, soo...... we'll see. things are going pretty well right now, and i'm getting a break for the first time in a while. 21/6/20 hey y'all. i just updated my website with a new design and new tech. eli.nz 20/6/20 things are slowly getting better. who thought normal could be good? 17/6/20 i don't have much to say today. just involved doing my own things. 14/6/20 What the *fuck* do they think their doing. ヽ(ಠ_ಠ)ノ Am I not good enough? Because how do you expect me to get better? 🤬 10/6/20 i'm not gonna die 🙏 9/6/20 the days just seem to drag on. things should be going back to normal now, but who am i kidding? we're not getting what we had back. some people just seems to think that 2020 should be a write-off, ignored. but what is that to say? that nothing important or of value will/was supposed to happen this year? i'm currently trying to ignore twitter, it's just a cesspool of people circlejerking each other's political beliefs, and not a place for discussion or intellect. 8/6/20 What if i just go. I might just go to the dairy, i might just go across the world. what's stopping me? 7/6/20 What a dilemma. What do I? I give up my life, but for what?, I ask you. I guess that the jaws of time will force my hand eventually. wanna talk? mention me, and we can sort something out =++= CHAT =++= @pikseladam 9/7/20 my site generator isn't available right now, but i don't know if you'd really want to look at it, as it barely even works and is a bit finicky. all it basically does is manage a json file with links to .md files in it and then runs the .md files through some ejs templates to create the html. @mikael 20/6/20 Hej! Jag är från Nya Zeeland. Jag pratar bara lite svenska men jag lära sig svenska. Jag pratar japanska också. Jag vill att bli ett utbytesstudent i år men man inte kan går till Sverige nu. Hur mår du? =++= ==== =++=

things i’m thankful for

  • salted licorice
  • a good cinnamon bun
  • when sun the shines brightly in winter
  • the weekend
  • floorball
  • 🍣
  • the wind in my hair
  • solving a hard problem
  • the moment of solace when i forget about something

current rotation playlist

  • Treat You Better (Cassian Remix) - RÜFÜS DU SOL
  • Skúmaskot (Mixed) - Lipless & Classic Unknwn
  • Sun's Up - LissA & MEMBA
  • We Can Be Friends (feat. Herizen) - What So Not
  • Blank (feat. Kennedi) - MELVV
  • The Difference (feat. Toro y Moi) [Extended] - Flume
  • Crazy For You (feat. Vikki Gilmore) - Jey Vazz
  • Need U - Biicla
  • Alive - Jey Vazz
  • Back to Me - Marian Hill & Lauren Jauregui
  • Wandering Lullaby (Mixed) - Kaskade
  • Was It Not - Marian Hill
  • Skreppa (Mixed) - Classic Unknwn
  • Never Learn - LIHO
  • Reset - graves
  • Cold Drinks & Cool Friends (feat. Akacia) [Half an Orange Remix] - LIHO
  • Price Right - Biicla
  • Vendor Dub - Need for Mirrors
  • No Place - Biicla
  • Don't Wanna Be Lonely - Jey Vazz
  • I'm Fine - graves & EZI

places i'd rather be rn

  • with you. you're cool
  • the land of the midnight sun
  • the floorball rink
  • the point of no return
  • the bottom of this list

word of the day

  • 2020/7/9 - garbage
  • 2020/6/9 - linear
  • 2020/6/8 - booo! - scared you!
  • 2020/6/7 - self - there's lots of interesting etymology behind this one


  • english - my first
  • japanese - i'm sitting around A2-B1ish, i think. i like how the grammar works
  • swedish - my favourite :) i'm still learning, but it is fun how easy it is

things i need

  • new goalie gear
  • a way out
  • a break (in both senses of it)
  • somebody who makes it feel like i'm not missing out
  • shure se215-bt2

mah floorball feels

  • https://one-photo.perwiklund.se/____gallery/images/b/51a/f88/fe4/e32/57a/5dd/2b8/0d8/63e/2c5/3d3/d9f/bcd.jpg_l.jpg

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