~~~~ i am an archivist who writes every detail no matter how minor in fact i possess an unparalleled collection of minor quotations with which i do not entrust to my memory, but to paper instead for if the mind be a tabula rasa, mine is too easily wiped blank every thought must be remembered and recorded somehow by something less fickle than neurons and synapses; sure, everybody has 'em but i'll tell you what i have: a pen and a sheet of paper and a whole lot of resolve. ~~~~ illa dies solis nubibus velata, sole se prope meridiem solum patefaciente, advenit.

music and sounds

  • net music: all the people at 7form, yyu, drain gang/sadboys, yayayi, dds.wmv, christtt, vektroid, recently uploaded tracks, [more to be added]
  • offline music: king crimson, negativland, vyto b, daniel johnston (rest easy), steve reich, [more to be added]
  • idk whatever i can find on soulseek :p

literature and words

  • poetry: epigrammata (m. v. martialis), the works of e.e. cummings, the works of sylvia plath, catullus, epic poetry in general, the third edition norton anthology of poetry that i have up in my room and read all the time
  • novels: most of vonnegut's stuff, the catcher in the rye (salinger) [i'll add more here later; just let me remember]
  • plays: rosencrantz and guildenstern are dead (stoppard), most of shakespeare, the works of euripides

video and film

  • webseries: tribetwelve (rosner), everymanhybrid (emh team), marblehornets, filthy frank [yeah i know lol]

links and materials

  • music: citiesineurope.bandcamp.com; 7form.bandcamp.com (i'm a head admin there)

the miscellany

  • latin class :)
  • duke tip :)

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