illa dies solis nubibus velata, sole se prope meridiem solum patefaciente, advenit. ^_^ words and phrases :3 what speaks to me? whatever i wasn't supposed to listen to. ;-; a work in progress: 12amso.neocities.org :/ ❦♡❧and l t semicolon three☙♡❦ brought to you by the georgian letter ღghanღ xP a single untouched manuscript among the ruins of the library of alexandria ;3; may may maying in may may may may this may may! (that is, may[aux verb] may[month] maying[ger] in may[month adj] may[hawthorn] may[verb] may[hawthorn] this may[month adj] may[month]!) :^) 2b2dayn2nite2nice :? it's been a hot minute hasn't it?

music and sounds

  • the radio station; soulseek; recent uploads; archive.org; youtube rips; windows live media player
  • 7form<3 (7form.bandcamp.com)
  • my music: citiesineurope.bandcamp.com
  • recent enjoyment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAAagueE2Us


  • all my linguistics textbooks
  • a bunch of classical lit
  • orature
  • seldom-visited websites and academic papers
  • homestuck
  • currently, the tale of genji. also currently, the histories of herodotus.

video and film

  • early 2010s videos with barely any views

the miscellany

  • latin club<3
  • duke tip<3