growimg or at leaast trying my v very best /> no longer on twitter feb 29 - I WANT TO UPDATE MY PAGE BUT I'M ON MY PHONE SO IT WILL LOOK BAD BUT i logged back into twitter but will try to mentally limit my usage as before i would not go 5 minutes without checking twitter maybe checking it a few times a day for a few minutes each time is a good guideline for me we will see how it goes also gonna update this later today to talk about an album i enjoyed ---------------------------------------- feb 27 - been thinking of a color change --------------------- i have very much enjoyed being the color i have chosen --------- i have also not changed my color since first joining ------ now that i think about it, i haven't really thought about what color i am --------------- now that i think about it more, i don't know what color i would change to given the choice --- i am gladly taking suggestions though, should you have any input on my very important decision | no music recommendations for today as i have not listened to much recently | though i am always taking suggestions should you have any, just email me | added someone new to my favorites for once! i love their color and page | may update this later, don't know how without fucking everything up tho | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- feb 26 - got an email from someone and appreciated it very very much | been feeling alright but not much going on recently | mentally or anything around me | just been listening to more music | (a s usual) | if you have any recommendations i'd love to hear them | preferably through email or on your page | i enjoyed recovery girl's EP "recovery girl" with galen tipton | not much but it's more memorable than some more recent projects i have listened to | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- feb 23 - !!!!don't stop falling in love | ---------------------------------------- feb 22 - idk if you'll read this but | skwak, | i find ur page rly interesting and i --------- try to check it often so u do have an | audience, | however small, as u said | -------------------------------------------------- feb 21 - WHY DOES EVERYONE ON HERE HAVE A WEBSITE!!!!!!! just wondering :) does anyone else have their site zoomed in 125%? ------------------------------------------------------------- i want to move somewhere with someone else and fall in love even if for just a bit --listened to-- "Buttery Sprouts & Other Songs" favorite songs: by trace mountains death cult paradise 2018 forgiveness listened to it while trying to sleep on the floor & the final song, "do-do plays piano", made me cry i know i have a lot to learn, help me if you'd like Last Updated: feb 29 8:42 am (CST)

passion (s)

  • breadd

  • favorites are fish i find intriguing
  • (not to mention their beautiful colors!!!!)