Feb 16, 2020 I feel quite tired all the time. Not really sure why. Is it because I don’t get enough sleep? I think I slept over 8 hours last night but I still was quite tired today. I guess getting adequate sleep for one night doesn’t make up for having inadequate sleep the previous several nights. I like using this as a journal because I feel like nobody is ever going to read it, and also even if anyone does read it, there’s no way to directly respond or comment. So it’s quasi-private. Feb 9, 2020 I noticed skwak using this as a journal. Maybe I’ll try doing that too. I’ve been dating someone for the past two months and one week. We didn’t get into any fights or disagreements about anything for the first two months. It was going shockingly well. But in the last week we’ve finally had a couple minor conflicts. It’s actually a relief to me that this finally happened. We were able to resolve it just fine. And I felt like in having this fight we were able to learn more about the other person that we wouldn’t have learned otherwise. I also feel that the disagreement reinforced my sense of the two of us having a strong fundamental connection; I was able to recognize that our disagreement was ultimately not that important and so it was easy to just move on past it.


  • Tractatus Logico Philosophicus, Wittgenstein
  • Gospel in Brief, Tolstoy

Bad habits

  • Biting my nails
  • Picking my nose
  • Checking twitter

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