hobby loggy i am done with skateboarding (for now, due to lethargy and unideal weather)! i will try to document gaming now. is it really an achievement simulator? maybe i will find out. btw, the days don't mean anything. they just mark a new day but not necessarily the total number of days. current (video gaming): day 1: i played hades today. i am not good at hades. i have beaten hades once so far. day 2: i played hades again. i beat hades again! with a sword. i beat hades with a bow the last time. i used athena + poseidon + dionysus + artemis boons. i am not good at picking boons yet, but i am learning. i like how this game makes me think about greek mythology. i've always liked greek mythology. i like to be able to talk about things from stories in that way. i do not feel like i'm wasting time at hades. however, it takes me awhile to beat hades. this time it took around 48 minutes, and the first time i beat hades, it took me 46 minutes. i hope to improve my time. day 3: i have not updated in awhile, maybe in about a week ? i have been playing a bunch of games all at once. this is like how i read books: all at once and very slowly. i am playing celeste, and now i'm on chapter 4. the story feels sad, and it is interesting that it seems like i'm battling someone's brain. i am also in the middle of gato roboto, which i haven't picked up in a couple of days since i am playing a boss i cannot seem to win against. i am also playing mario odyssey. i made it to level 101 of ring fit adventure, and i am in world 12. day 4: i finished super mario odyssey. man i love hats! i remember a long long time ago (more than a decade ago), i made a little book of hats. i thought about my hat book sometimes while i was playing. i am still playing to get more moons. it is fun being a new creatures. it makes it easier to imagine what being creatures In Da Real World might be look like. archived (skateboarding): i have decided to use this space to document my future skateboarding related activities day 1: I can sort of turn by leaning one way or the other. I can stay on for maybe 20 seconds. I fell one time. I felt timid. day 2: I can do better turns. I can stay on for maybe a minute, and I push off harder. I did not fall. day 3: Drunk guy talked to me and showed me his drunk friend with a cut near his eye. Practiced kick turn. Fell 3x. Getting faster. day 4: Right ankle hurt a little bit, so I took it easy. I am getting better at breaking with my foot. day 5: Security office told me they don't like skateboarding in the area I was sitting in. day 6: rest day 7: rest day 8: Getting better at kick turn to the right. Tiny improvements like tiny houses... day 9: Going faster, scared of going down hills. Better at carving. No improvement at kick turns. Can't break very well. Braking hurts my ankles. day 10: rest day 11: sort of rest. I already went outside to run, so I didn't feel like going out again, as it was a little dreary, so I watched a YouTube video about balancing on a skateboard inside my apartment. I was on the skateboard maybe 5 minutes. i am sad i forgot to document. it is okay. i'll start again! hahahahah. i mean, i won't delete anything. i'll just keep on truckin'. day 12: i fell for the first time in the few times that i have gone skateboarding the past couple of months. i am better at braking, but i am still very bad. i should look up more videos to remember how it's supposed to look like. i felt good carving my turns. day 13-14: i went skateboarding a couple of times in september. it was fun. wildfires and smoke came in in september, so i fell off the skateboard routine wagon. i will try to get back on the wagon maybe in november, if it's not too cold. it seems fun to be a little cold and then get warm through skateboarding. day 1 (August 18, 2020): i saw @m4rk3r's bread page today after logging in after not logging in for awhile. i think will finally cave, and i will start mkaing bread. it might take me awhile to get to that point, though. at least i'm thinking about it, right? i am reading about sourdough starters now. i am excited that whenever i say "let's get this bread" that i will one day think about real bread i've made and not some kind of abstract bread-shaped thing in my head. day way-into-the-future (October 20, 2020): i have done sourdough starter stuff. it is in the refrigerator


  • i am made of many things
  • maybe books and everything i've read are things i'm made of
  • but that includes books i liked, books i didn't like, books i only partially read,
  • books i willingly read, books i was forced to read, books i didn't even read, books i saw on shelves,
  • books i saw in rooms...anyway, i'm just saying
  • i can't answer this question. yeah i know it's not a question
  • i am many things,
  • maybe links and everything i've clicked are things i'm made of
  • but that includes links i liked, links i didn't like, links i couldn't even access,
  • links i willingly clicked, links i felt forced to click, links i ignored, links all around me,
  • links i saw around...anyway, i'm just saying
  • i can't answer this question. yeah i know it's not a question
  • i am made of many things
  • maybe movies and everything i've seen are things i'm made of
  • but that includes movies i liked, movies i didn't like, movies i only partially watched,
  • movies i willingly watched, movies i was forced to watch, movies i didn't even watch, movies playing in the background,
  • movies i saw around...anyway, i'm just saying
  • i can't answer this question. yeah i know it's not a question


  • imagine what my keyboard sounds like when i go like this:
  • wlkealwlwlwlwlwekfjfkfkfaliwje;alfiwo
  • asdfawfwfawfwll
  • a;lsdkfajfwofijewfoiwejwoeifjw;aofiwje;ofiawjfoiwfoawifjaowoooo
  • akejw;lfkjwa;lfkjw;flkawf;alwkefjalwekfwe;lafkjew;
  • can you hear the rhythm