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⤳ 2.25.21 can't believe it's almost been a year. i miss hugging my friends ⤳ 9.8.20 where did time go? i got assigned a reading for an upcoming fellowship and i can't pay attention to any of it. i think i want to start a substack and ask my friends to write but im unsure. hm. ⤳ 7.2.20 in a slow headspace lately ⤳ 6.15.20 having trouble finding the right kind of rice flour to make some mochi matcha donuts. ⤳ 6.7.20 realized i've been neglecting my special fish when someone from this network reached out today, it's grown a lot. a whirlwind of a week. will need time to process this one and think of how to move forward long-term. ⤳ 4.7.20 cinnamon buns today ⤳ 4.6.20 turned 30 two days ago my fingers smell like butter from all the dough i keep kneading ⤳ 3.30.20 would like to redesign my personal website but unsure of how i want it to look ⤳ 3.26.20 pretending to absorb multiple books simultaneously mostly unsure of what to do next, trying not to fall back into old habits

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