my cats are fighting and i'm scratching the pimples in my armpit thinking about how i've never been in love imagine being a small purple thing carried around in a cat's mouth you're easier to talk to when you're high and i still just want to be friends mushy lentils make a very good home for roasted parmesan broccolini i want to be unsettling & mysterious and also warm & comforting today i wanted to read the book my ex borrowed and never gave back

new words

  • noil
  • drey
  • eyrie
  • profligate
  • pericarp
  • drupe
  • hyphae
  • sessile
  • fabliau

things people have said to me recently

  • in my left eye i have the eyesight of a 60 yr old
  • i would look good in 1920s makeup
  • a stranger on hinge opened with a line about wanting to be my femboy pet
  • my voice sounds young on the phone
  • someone wondered if, as a sagittarius, do i make people cum

what i want to do more of

  • walking
  • reading
  • less screen time
  • journaling
  • less sugar
  • make art
  • make clothes
  • go to estate sales
  • explore the city