new med log. day 1: tummy shifts. speedy brain - slow skull. fuzzy like when you take Claritin and drink coffee. read more of my book and introduced myself to another distant crush. day 2: did not really sleep. brain too speedy. weighted blanket helps. cried in appreciation of my friends and going to do laundry today. will read outside. will sleep. maybe other new med is supposed to help me sleep at night? we will c. day 3: big pupils, consistent headache. maybe it is light sensitivity? stayed home from work, too tired and mushy brained but must return to humanity tomorrow. doing fine. energy rush comes in afternoon so maybe i should take this at night? i will give it the week to see whats up. need to make appt for two weeks from last wednesday. we will c day 4: panik. Crazy Dreams. little sleep/very tired. apparently this stuff can be gently compared to pcp in composition. thats wild. making executive decision to not take snri today. noticed on "serious side effects list" some things that were Concerning. called docs office- because that's what it says to do but also am i really doing this right? psych wont call me back until tomorrow afternoon, Maybe. i want to give new things a chance but if i am feeling this bad it doesn't seem worth it. feeling like i have talked to enough people today. thankful my coworker told me to stay home but feels wrong that i am not "sick" even tho this stuff is making me feel Sick. will not taking it make me feel better? we will c.. off new med log. day 9 after stopping: well that was a mess. old new med fuked me up. felt sick, couldn't move, was awake but so tired. huge pupils were listed on the "serious side effect- call your doctor immediately" list. so that sucked. but since things have been chill i suppose. haven't had the most appetite but i can eat. notable. definitely have been catching myself clenching my jaw. i have been sleeping but pretty stressed? i feel confident and productive mostly. sitting down for the next few days. hoping to change some things up soon. searching for the energy to make some moves.