please leave me some words. I’m looking out outlook is good the weather calm clouds today breezy the mountains glow you tops aren’t visible

General state of being: 9/30

  • exhausted
  • Willing

slow down

  • you need to speak up
  • you need to listen

watch out

  • your car is confused
  • gotta go to bed early to get up at 1am
  • she’s making art

you decide:

  • "The Ugly Swans" vs "Roadside Picnic"
  • "Dune Messiah" vs "God Emperor of Dune"
  • Electronic Dance Music vs Electronic Doom Metal

band names?

  • Endless Period
  • The Breakfast Meats
  • Ochre Spit
  • Meat Cannon
  • Highway Goth
  • Stoner Scum
  • Black Market Babies

wanna be pals?