what an event! quite an Ordeal! The story so far of the year! glad to be here, thanks for having me, thanks for letting me share. There were two and one had a ring. The weekend begins with Sunday afternoon, there’s only still two.

General state of being: 5/6

  • sunScreeneD
  • confident
  • Questionable
  • pleased to be at the beach
  • survived the week
  • On To The Next

slow down

  • keep it moving
  • don’t look to your left

stay consistent

  • practice pays off
  • reduce the expectations
  • keep rocks in your pockets
  • you never know what could happen

you decide:

  • "The Ugly Swans" vs "Roadside Picnic"
  • "Dune Messiah" vs "God Emperor of Dune"
  • Electronic Dance Music vs Electronic Doom Metal

band names?

  • Endless Period
  • The Breakfast Meats
  • Ochre Spit
  • Meat Cannon
  • Highway Goth
  • Stoner Scum
  • Black Market Babies
  • Cuties That Care

drop a line

  • https://guest.garden/kirk