please leave me some words. https://guest.garden/kirk last day of work today many feelings mostly mixed i need to buy a light bulb dinner is in the plans i estimated there is an 85% chance ill go out to tonights hardcore show that could decrease from here

General state of being: 10/27

  • spooky
  • tired
  • enthusiastic
  • pleased to be here
  • i am

slow down

  • turn
  • turn
  • turn

speed up

  • there’s something silly about it
  • there’s no need to bring it up
  • let it simmer while you
  • find whats sustainable

you decide:

  • "The Ugly Swans" vs "Roadside Picnic"
  • "Dune Messiah" vs "God Emperor of Dune"
  • Electronic Dance Music vs Electronic Doom Metal

band names?

  • Endless Period
  • The Breakfast Meats
  • Ochre Spit
  • Meat Cannon
  • Highway Goth
  • Stoner Scum
  • Black Market Babies
  • Cuties That Care

wanna be pals?

  • cuteiswhatweaimed4@gmail.com