[Thu] Jun 04, 2020 ------------------ - Posting after a week. Staying on track is incredibly difficult. [Thu] May 28, 2020 ------------------ - First post. Special fish seems like a neat little idea executed with love. Not getting on the pro tier yet, will give it a good whirl for a few more days and then decide. - Really struggling with attention and staying consistent with habits. I resolve to start meditating, starting today.

Books - tbr

  • "A natural approach to mental wellness", Gregg Krech
  • "Oathbringer", Brandon Sanderson
  • "Off the Clock", Laura Vanderkam
  • "Sum: tales from the afterlife", David Eagleman
  • "What was Liberalism?", James Traub
  • "Think Again: how to reason and argue", Walter Sinott-Armstrong
  • "Black Wave", Kim Ghattas
  • "East of Eden", John Steinbeck
  • "Make peace with your mind", Mark Coleman
  • "Letters from a Stoic", Seneca