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https://nickg.photo, bluntington beach

6/5/20 - 7:35AM PST no justice no peace 6/1/20 - 7:29AM PST was watching protestor coverage for hours yesterday. a sad state of affairs we are in. 5/28/20 - 10:20AM PST this website reminded me about my website. i was building it obsessively at the start of the quarantine. it was a borderline unhealthy meditation. something about html and css really tightened my chones. if anyone has any recommendations on maybe making thumbnails load faster hmu. the thumbs aren't even thumbs they're just linked to full size photos. 5/28/20 - 10:13AM PST may have just scored a 3D printer. it's in my backseat now. fingers crost 5/27/20 - 11:59PM PST listening to Harry styles

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  • FOX's "King of the Hill"