ringo kun❤️

date: 4/10/21 memo: as it turns out i am not very good at keeping up with this at all... currently at my kitchen counter eating a jar of peaches from a bowl SO MANY THINGS HAVE CHANGED currently on my mind – my senior project! and something else... that i hope will not come to fruition :( ---------------------- date: 5/21/20 memo: vbow was today glad ppl liked trapezoidal sky shes my baby nothing else to report.... will watch blue velvet hopefully on friday ---------------------- date: 5/19/20 memo: recently everyone seems to be thinking about fish and the color green bsd was okay have not done: docu, darkroom ---------------------- date: 5/16/20 memo: watched la collectionneuse last night tonite will watch a brighter summer day (very very VERY EXCITED FOR THIS!!!!) doing my docu homework...;( ---------------------- date: 5/15/20 memo: chanel is such a hoe ass bitch i will definitely mark my words watch la collectioneuse tonite wonder abt the senior sem results...?? ---------------------- date: 5/14/20 memo: i spilled the beans yesterday i will eat plain avocado now (omg it's midnight shit i hope this still counts oops) always tired LATER: poem my avocado growing more bitter as the night goes on my dad sitting there in the corner of the island and i realize i've had a dream just like this one before ---------------------- date: 5/13/20 memo: i am very irresponsible im hungry LATER: got toast. and flan i will send u bread ---------------------- date: 5/4/20 memo: our shelter in place was extended to the end of may may is the month of birthdays ---------------------- date: 5/3/20 memo: will watch the rest of ILP tonight (or today?) the world may nvr know LATER– finished ILP:) ---------------------- date: 5/2/20 memo: i watched eraserhead last night, my first lynch then i dreamed about something inconspicuous and body-numbing i want to make a smoothie later LATER– i had my smoothie, will make another one later kappa-san bring the summer quickly ---------------------- date: 5/1/20 memo: chartreuse is my favorite color i'll fix grapefruit for you if your hair is wet wanna watch a movie today/tonite thinking abt watermelon gummies

today song

  • i cannot say yet!! it's only midnight

today i'm thinking about

  • my stomach pain
  • peach...

listening 2

  • woesum new album
  • Sds
  • https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4BGIiQXgS3RAKitMwwSNvr?si=e826f769da1646ee

i like

  • hot nights
  • small rain
  • discs
  • my cd player
  • my boyfriend

click click don don piropiroro

  • https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/89587/haiku-57506cd18b660
  • https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/89588/summer-a-love-poem