i like a lot of stuffs but in the end i like anything at all. i used to be better at liking things i used to like, unfortunately i'm not the same i was. i go to sleep every day hoping i don't wake up in the next morning. every morning i wake up the same way i was the last day. such a waste of oxygen i think. that's me. ray. i'll get better some day. i hope. at least. (didn't meant to sound sad or the d word but i already did, so)

🌙 to think about y(wh)ou

  • meu talismã by iza
  • um amor puro by djavan
  • violet by daniel caesar
  • sugar by brockhampton
  • peach by kevin abstract

❕ it warms my heart

  • when people says something reminds them of me or when they call me funny for whatever reason
  • when i eat something that i was craving for, usually my favorite food which are: guioza, vatapá and tacacá
  • when i lay at my bed right after a long and tiring day after i take the coldest shower
  • when i finish a playlist i spent hours working on

💌 where to find me or whatever

  • https://weheartit.com/user/4ldh
  • https://twitter.com/fullsuu

🎞 pure art

  • parasite (2019)
  • pride and prejudice (2005)
  • o auto da compadecida (2000)


  • 24/01/2011 if i could go back in time and change one day of my life it'll be this one